Our sportsmen and women

Ever by their side, because they inspire us – this is the way we move forward.

At NBG, we believe that every dream is important, and every effort needs support if we want to see it become reality.

This is why we stand by everything worthwhile – every goal and endeavor – and we actively support a generation of Greek athletes that inspire us through their passion and determination.

We stand by tennis champion Maria Sakkari, Greece’s gold medalist at the 2016 Rio Olympics Katerina Stefanidi; and the gold standard of endurance, Paralympic athlete Michalis Seitis, supporting their past and future achievements, so that they can keep setting the bar higher and higher.

Maria Sakkari, our top tennis player and member of NBG’s family since 2016, has climbed her way into the WTA top ten tennis players, proving that talent and perseverance can lead to the summit. She is an athlete who, through her talent and personality, has earned the respect and the recognition of sports fans and the public in general.

We are very proud to be supporting the golden girl of the pole vault, Katerina Stefanidi, since 2017. Her ethos, dedication and focus have made her a role model for young people.
Michalis Seitis completes the dream team of top athletes that we proudly support. His unmatched will-power, passion and dedication make us proud and inspire us to set even higher goals every day.
If you want to find out more about our sponsorship program, click here.

We are committed to standing by those who deserve it, for a better tomorrow. This is the way we move forward.

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