Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee

The Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee ("CGNC") was established by Board decision (meeting no. 1259/ 5.5.2005). The Committee is composed of at least three Board members. One member is the HFSF representative at the Board of Directors. The members of the Committee (including its Chair and Vice-Chair) are appointed by the Board of the Bank, pursuant to proposal of the Chairman of the Board in consultation with the Chair of the Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee. All members of the Committee are non-executive Board members, in their majority independent members of the Board (excluding the HFSF representative), including the Chair, in accordance with the definition of independence specified in the relevant framework, particularly Article 9 of Greek Law 4706/2020, and the Bank's Corporate Governance Code. The Committee convenes at least three times per annum and keeps minutes of its meetings.

In March 2021, the Committee Charter was revised.

Charter of the Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee


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