Environmental Policy Statement of NBG

Environmental Policy Statement of National Bank of Greece


National Bank of Greece believes that environmental responsibility and the implementation of an environmental policy are the cornerstones of sound corporate behaviour and vital to sustainable development and addressing the problem of climate change.

Having played, over many decades, a crucial role in the economic and social development of Greece, we are fully aware of the importance that environmental protection has for society and economic development more generally.

To this end, the Bank has formulated an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001. The Bank’s management, represented by its Chief of Human Resources & Group Internal Communications, is responsible for the implementation and continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System.

We are committed to analyzing the environmental impact of our key business operations and activities, setting appropriate objectives and targets for the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and the mitigation of negative environmental impact. Accordingly, we take initiatives and promote action plans that aim to:

  • save energy and preserve natural resources,
  • rationalise work-related travel by encouraging the use of public transport,
  • manage efficiently paper and solid waste,
  • apply environmental criteria in the management of office supplies, and
  • implement environmental risk analysis and assessment policy in our investment and credit operation.

Besides, of course, our commitment to complying with environmental legislation, we monitor on a regular basis the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System.

In our endeavour to make this policy a success, we seek the participation and support of all interested parties, including customers and employees.


Athens, 12 February 2009