The NBG Group, backed by its long-standing presence, strong tradition and noteworthy contribution to the economic transformation of Greece, and above all by the trust of shareholders, customers, depositors and employees alike, serves as a pillar of stability for the Greek economy.

The NBG Group provides a wide range of financial products and services that meet the changing needs of businesses and individuals, including deposit and investment products, various financing facilities, and brokerage, insurance, leasing and factoring services.

The Group operates mainly in 8 countries and has, apart from NBG, 2 commercial banking subsidiaries in North Macedonia and Malta, with a workforce of 8,901 employees (continuing operations). It also has a wide distribution network of products and services abroad (84 units) and a domestic network of 362 Units and 1,482 ATMs (data as of 30.09.2021).

The vision of the NBG Group is to enhance its leading position in Greece and further strengthen its support role in the Greek economy, work​ing with dedication, consistency and transparency for customers, shareholders and employees alike, while backed by full awareness of its responsibility to society.