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The National Bank, with long-standing presence in the Greek banking market and strong profile in SE Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, leads one of the largest  financial groups in Greece.

The NBG Group is the first Greek financial institution to successfully introduce its shares on the NYSE in 1999.

NBG group offers a wide range of financial products and services that meet the ever changing needs of businesses and individuals such as deposits, business investment, finance, brokerage, insurance, leasing and factoring.

The Group operates in 10 countries and controls, apart from NBG, 6 banks and 56 companies providing financial and other services, with a workforce of 15,515 employees. It has a wide distribution network of products and services abroad (336 units) and a domestic network of 542 Units and 1,441 ATMs (data as of 31.03.2017).

The vision of NBG Group is to maintain its position in Greece and its dynamic presence in Southeast Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, operating with commitment, consistency and transparency for the benefit of the customer, the shareholder, the employee and, last but not least, with responsibility towards society.