NBG INSURANCE BROKERS was founded in 2004, employs a staff of 7 members and its total share capital stands at €60,000 corresponding to 100,000 shares. Operating in the field of Insurance Brokers in cooperation with the largest Greek and international insurance companies, it offers a wide range of cutting-edge insurance programs on extremely competitive terms to individuals and businesses in the Greek Market.

The company is staffed with expert executives of the insurance market with considerable experience in all Insurance Sectors as well as in the insurance needs of Individuals and Businesses.



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  • According to the Extraordinary General Meeting dated 28/09/2023, it was decided to change the name of the company from NBG INSURANCE BROKERS SA to NBG INSURANCE BROKERS SINGLE MEMBER S.A.
  • According to the Extraordinary General Meeting dated 04/03/2014, it was decided to change the name of the company from PROBANK INSURANCE BROKERS to NBG INSURANCE BROKERS, as well as its headquarters


The company, following extensive research in the insurance market, can provide specialized insurance products, tailored to your needs. By way of example, this includes:

Business Property Insurance: Coverage against all risks or named risks in business premises, equipment-merchandise as well as for loss of profits (Business Interruption). 

General Civil Liability Insurance: Insurance coverage of businesses for claims arising from their operation in their facilities.

Construction-All Risk-Technical Insurance: Coverage of material damage and loss of profits (Business Interruption) due to delay in their completion. 

Freight Insurance: Coverage for the insurance of goods which are being transported in any way against material damage or loss.

Money Insurance: Coverage against illegal and fraudulent acts of employees and third parties.

Group Health Insurance: Coverage for businesses against risks related to life, health, savings or pension.

Travel insurance: Inter alia, coverage is provided for medical expenses due to accident or sudden illness, repatriation expenses, health emergency transport expenses, etc.

Vehicle fleet Insurance: Coverage on movable assets of businesses.

Renewable Energy Sources Insurance: Coverage against fire and other risks, including earthquake risk, mechanical damage and loss of profits (Business Interruption).

Credit insurance: It offers protection to businesses in Greece and abroad, from proven inability to pay, non-collection of their receivables from sales of products and/or services to their companies-customers.

Cyber Risk Insurance: Provides protection against and advisory services regarding the consequences of digital and internet risks because they can result in both financial losses and the  risk of corporate reputation. 

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance: Coverage of directors and executives against claims of third parties (such as: official authorities, customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees) or even against their company. It covers the remuneration of external consultants for defending directors or executives against such claims, as well as damages and settlements, provided that there is no question of malice on their part.

Professional indemnity insurance: Professionals who want protection from real or alleged claims of third parties, due to negligence/errors while providing works and services.

Product liability insurance: It offers full coverage to businesses, undertaking the defense of claims and compensation of anyone harmed by the use/consumption of products.

Environmental insurance: Provides compensation for claims arising from physical injury, property damage and restoration costs to third parties or caused at the insured party's premises and for business disruption.  Gradual pollution and damage to biodiversity are covered.

Kidnapping & Ransom: Intended to protect individuals and businesses operating in high-risk areas around the world. Insures against kidnapping, extortion, illegal detention and piracy

Mergers & Acquisitions: Liability coverage is provided for breach of guarantees in a purchase and sale agreement between two companies, as well as for the obligations of the parties arising from the respective Tax and Legal framework. 

The company, in cooperation with the largest insurance companies, can offer you a wide range of cutting-edge insurance programs for the insurance of your Car, on extremely competitive terms.

The company enables you to insure your Home (Building and/or Contents) on competitive terms through integrated programs that meet your personal needs.

For more information, please contact NBG INSURANCE BROKERS SINGLE MEMBER S.A.

Headquarters : Feidippidou 1-3, 115 26 Athens
Tel. No : +30 210 77 27 613 & 628
e-mail : [email protected]