Quarterly Chartbook 3rd Quarter 2018

​General information
Date of next elections
Official financial support
Foreign currency debt rating
Global competitiveness index
Ease of doing business index
Real sector
               Industrial production
               Real GDP growth
               Output gap
               Wages (nominal and real)
               Wages (nominal, EUR) and Tax rates
               Balance of payments
                              External trade
                              Real effective exchange rate
                              Current account balance
                              Net FDI
                              Other net capital flows
                              FX reserves
                              Short-term external debt / FX reserves
                              Balance of payments
                              External financing
                              External debt
Real estate prices
Nominal effective exchange rate
Policy rate
Reserve requirement ratios
Fiscal balance
Public debt 
Financial Markets
               Exchange rates
               Money market rates
               Government debt rates 
               Sovereign spreads
               Stock market
Banking sector                          
               Total loans (m-o-m % change)
               Total loans (y-o-y % change)
               Retail loans (y-o-y % change)
               Corporate loans (y-o-y % change)
               Total deposits (m-o-m % change)
               Total deposits (y-o-y % change)
               Retail deposits (y-o-y % change)
               Corporate deposits (y-o-y % change)
               Loans/GDP (%)
               FX loans/total loans (%)
               Deposits/GDP (%)
               FX deposits/total deposits (%)
               Loans/deposits (%)
               ROAE (%)
               CAD (%)
               NPL ratio (%)
               Foreign ownership

Quarterly Chartbook 3rd Quarter 2018