Strategic partnership between National Bank of Greece and eBay

Aiming to enhance the extroversion and competitiveness of Greek Small and Medium-sized enterprises, National Bank has entered into a strategic partnership with eBay offering a host of benefits to its corporate customers.

eBay is one of the world's largest online shopping platforms, with 154 million active shoppers and 1.5 billion listed products. Notably, more than 12,000 Greek business users of the eBay platform sell one item every 34 seconds, recording in 2020 sales of almost 1 million products.

Through this new partnership NBG offers its customers the opportunity to promote their products worldwide leveraging a host of innovative tools and practices provided by one of the top e-commerce platforms.

Accordingly, our customers can enjoy significant benefits including:
• Free eBay store subscription for the first 3 months.
• Value-added services, through favorable packages and rates, tailor made to the business’s size and needs.
• Personal training by eBay experts in 5 steps, from creating an account and updating it with products through to communicating with customers.
• Automated and customized solutions enabling the addition of new products and tracking of orders.
• Best practices and marketing tools designed to help businesses optimize product promotion.

As part of our efforts to actively and continuously support the growth of Small and Medium-sized enterprises, we welcome partnership with eBay thereby providing Greek businesses with a new cutting-edge sales channel that goes hand-in-hand with the know-how, methods and tools needed to boost extroversion and competitiveness.


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