Announcement regarding the execution of an agreement for the concerted exercise of voting rights in the context of a mandatory tender offer for the entire share capital of the company Epsilon Net

National Bank S.A. (the “Bank”) announces that, in accordance with Regulation (EC) 596/2014 and l. 3556/2007, by virtue of the agreement dated 25.04.2024 which was entered into with Mr. Ioannis Michos, the company General Atlantic Ginger B.V. and the company Ginger Digital BidCo Single-Member S.A. (together with the Bank, the “Parties”), the Parties agreed to act in concert, within the meaning of art. 2(e) of l. 3461/2006, with the purpose of acquiring, through Ginger Digital BidCo Single-Member S.A., the 20.100.000 shares and voting rights of Epsilon Net S.A., which are not already held by the Parties.

On the basis of the aforementioned agreement, the Parties are considered as acting in concert within the meaning of art. 10(a) of l. 3556/2007 with respect to the aggregate amount of shares and voting tights held by the Parties, which represents 62,92% of the total share capital and voting rights of Epsilon Net S.A. 

The mandatory tender offer announcement is uploaded on the website of Athens Exchange and Epsilon Net, in accordance with applicable legislation.