Vasileios Kavalos

Vasileios Kavalos

General Manager - Group Treasury and Financial Markets Member of the Executive Committee


Vasileios Kavalos was appointed General Manager - Group Treasury and Financial Markets in July 2019. In June 2015 he was appointed Assistant General Manager -  Group Treasurer.

From 2011 up to 2015 he was the Corporate Treasurer with the main task of securing liquidity and allocating it within the group.

In 2008 he was promoted to Deputy Manager in charge of trading.

From 1999 up to 2005 he participated in the establishment and functioning of the Funding Department of the PDMA

In 1991 he was selected to staff the Dealing Room, while in 1997 he became the chief trader of Sovereign Bonds trading desk.

In 1981 he joined National bank of Greece and served at various departments, in the retail network, for ten years.

He holds a BSc in Business Administration from Deree College of American College of Greece and is a certified Portfolio Manager by Bank of Greece.