Panos Dasmanoglou

Panos Dasmanoglou

Secretary of NBG Board of Directors and of its Committees General Manager of Group Compliance and Corporate Governance Member of the Executive Committee


Panos Dasmanoglou, born 1963 in Athens, has been an executive at the National Bank of Greece since 1990. In December 2016 he was appointed General Manager of Group Compliance and Corporate Governance. He is also member of the Executive Committee. In June 2015 he was appointed Assistant General Manager of Group Compliance and Corporate Governance, while previously, since September 2013 he served as Assistant General Manager of Group Compliance. In parallel, in January 2014 he was elected Secretary of the Bank's Board of Directors and of its Committees.

Since July 2009 he served as Director of the National Bank of Greece Group Compliance Division, where he was responsible for the Group's compliance with the legislative and regulatory framework. As part of the various executive-level positions he has assumed throughout his career as a lawyer at the National Bank of Greece Legal Services Division, he has handled significant matters relating to the integration of European banking legislation in the Bank's activities, domestic and international credit operations and M&A activity, thereby gaining substantial experience across a broad spectrum of banking operations.

For a number of years, he has been an active participant in the workings of the Hellenic Bank Association and the European Banking Federation, specifically in the committees on international banking issues, compliance, consumer issues, anti-money laundering, derivatives and repos. Further, he serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of NBG Securities S.A., as well as member on the Board of the Hellenic Ombudsman for Banking-Investment Services. From July 2018 to July 2019 he was serving as an Executive Member of the Board of Directors of NBG.

Panos Dasmanoglou holds a law degree (LL.B) from the University of Athens Law School and a postgraduate degree (Lic.spec.) in European Law from the University of Brussels, while he has also studied banking management at INSEAD Graduate Business School. Additionally, he has received international certifications in the field of international financial law and Compliance in banking.


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