PROBANK LEASING S.A. is a member-company of NBG Group. Its prime objective is to offer all the advantages of financial leasing and unique opportunities to our customers for all their investment and expansion plans.

The company was established in 2002 and its personnel consists of 20 employees while the total capital amounts to €22,713,252 corresponding to 7,571,084 shares.

 Shareholder Number of Shares Equity Stake (%) 
 NBG 6.398.705  84,52
Others 1.172.379   15,48
 Total 7.571.084  100,00

Following approval decision No. 18064/2011 from the Attica Regional Governor, on 16.12.2011 the company absorbed the operating leases firm PROBANK AUTOLEASING S.A. to generate economies of scale, reduce operating costs and improve the financial results, thereby creating a new, more flexible and efficient company scheme.
The Company offers leasing services in all categories of movable equipment and real estate financial leasing, plus operating leasing for passenger vehicles and distributional rights - placing particular emphasis to the quality of its portfolio being organised effectively to achieve its objectives. Especially during 2012 the company attached particular importance to the renewable energy sources (RES) sector.

  • Leasing offers a fast and simple procedure.
  • Financing of the total value of the investment by the leasing company without, in many cases, any disbursement or participation from the lessee. Where the lesser is asking for participation, this is done through a down payment, normally amounting to between 5% and 20% of the total. This payment is also deductible for tax purposes.
  • There are several laws promoting investments. Those laws either subsidize part of the capital needed and part of the interest paid to a bank where the investor is requesting a loan, or subsidize the capital of the lease rental by a percentage depending on the region where the investment is made. In the case of a capital subsidy of the lease rental, the investor may also seek increased tax allowances in the first years of operation.
  • Leasing does not usually require additional collateral, such as mortgages etc, depending on the creditworthiness of the lessee.
  • Financial control and planning for the lessee is simple, since the amounts of the lease are usually predetermined for the entire period of the lease contract.
  • Flexibility in the timing of payments, which is particularly important for the companies whose cash flows are seasonal.
  • The tax deduction of the entire lease payment, combined in most cases with the shorter duration of the contract, offers tax advantages.
  • Additional financing source – the lessee can acquire fixed assets without burdening bank credit lines.

Financial leasing is the transfer of the tangible asset’s usage right from the lessor to the lessee, against a certain fee for a certain time period in the form of a lease.
PROBANK LEASING finances every asset that a lessee needs for professional usage, like machinery, furniture, commercial and passenger vehicles, photovoltaic panels, inverters, real-estate properties (shops, offices premises, surgeries, factories, warehouses ), aircrafts etc.

PROBANK LEASING buys on clients’ behalf the selected assets.
The client pays at regular intervals (i.e. monthly or quarterly) a predetermined lease amount.
Upon maturity of the leasing agreement the lessee will pay a pre-agreed amount and obtain final ownership of the asset.

Leasing was introduced in Greece in two phases. In the first phase, Law 1665/1986 introduced leasing for moveable equipment for business use by the lessee. In the second phase, with Laws 2367/1995 and 2682/1999 leasing was expanded to other areas. Further amendments were made by laws 2753/1999, 3091/2002 and 3483/2006.
PROBANK LEASING S.A, has entered the energy sector with a purpose to finance large Solar Parks, Biogas, Biomass and Wind parks with nominal power above 1MW.
Nowadays, PROBANK LEASING offers a financing scheme for smaller PV parks up to 100kw nominal power, small wind parks, biogas and biomass units up to 250 kw nominal power.
PROBANK LEASING ensures the financing of new investments in solar parks, which may be constructed either on rooftops of commercial buildings or in the fields. The program focuses mostly on SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises).

With this new financing service customer enjoys the following advantages:
o 100% financing of the tangible equipment via PROBANK LEASING (PV modules, inverters, stable or mobile mounting systems, security system’s equipment, substation etc.)
o Leasing matures up to ten years
o Leasing instalment’s  payment by assignment to PROBANK LEASING of the F.I.T. contract
o Brief and flexible procedures
o Tax advantages (lease payments are regarded as operating cost and are tax deductible from customer’s tax book)   
o Customer’s equity may be covered by a private loan through a special agreement with certain vendors, that the clients had chosen.