The Bank's corporate governance framework is aligned with the requirements of Greek and European legislation and the rules of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission as incorporated in the Bank's Articles of Association, the Corporate Governance Code and other internal regulations/charters. Additionally, the stipulations of the Amended Relationship Framework Agreement between the Bank and the HFSF, and the obligations of the Bank towards the Monitoring Trustee are applied.

The Bank's Corporate Governance Code is in line with the with the Hellenic Corporate Governance Code of the Hellenic Corporate Governance Council, dated June 2021. The Bank is in compliance with the Corporate Governance Code and provides explanations for any exceptions identified in accordance with Greek Law 4548/2018.

The determination of the authorities and responsibilities of the Bank's management bodies and the delegation of authorities of the Board of Directors to Bank's executives are carried out in accordance with its Corporate Governance Code, its Articles of Association and the applicable legislation.

The Bank monitors developments in the applicable framework and relevant guidelines and best practices and proceeds to actions deemed appropriate in order to ensure that the Corporate  Governance Code and other internal regulations/charters are in alignment with the each time applicable legal and regulatory framework, as well as relevant guidelines.

Further information on the Bank's corporate governance system are included in the present section, as well as in the Annual Corporate Governance Statement, which consists specific section of the Annual Board of Directors' Report.