Update regarding acceptance of card payments

In the context of our goal to provide continuously upgraded services and flexible solutions, we hereby inform you that NBG under GEMI no. 237901000 and TIN 094014201, agreed to enter into a Strategic Partnership with the company EVO Payments International Ltd, a leading payment technology and services provider with a presence in more than 50 countries worldwide. As part of the implementation of the agreement, the Bank's card payments acceptance business line will be spun off to NBG PAY SINGLE MEMBER SOCIETE ANONYME (NBG Pay), which should soon receive its license from the Bank of Greece to operate as a payment institution.

Thereafter, in the near future, the service of accepting card payment transactions will be provided by NBG PAY, under the following details:


Address: Peiraios 74, Moschato,

Email: [email protected]

GEMI no.164307201000 and TIN 801839155

The exact date of commencement of operations of the new company as a Payment Institution as well as the completion of the spin-off of NBG’s card payments acceptance business line will be announced in a future communication. 


What does this Strategic Partnership mean?

The Strategic Partnership is very important and beneficial, as it will enable access to state-of-the-art tools and card acceptance solutions.  

No action is required on the customer's part. Once the spin-off is concluded, the customer’s existing agreement with NBG regarding card payment acceptance services will be automatically transferred to NBG PAY. In addition, the settlement of the transactions will still be carried out as usual into the bank account held by the customer with NBG for this purpose with us. 

In any case, we would like to emphasize that none of the above will affect in any way whatsoever the customer's banking relationship with NBG. 


Update regarding personal data

Following completion of the spin-off process, as per the applicable law, NBG will transfer to NBG PAY information regarding the card payment acceptance agreement entered into by the customer, including any personal data related to such agreement. NBG PAY will hold and process such personal data for the purposes of implementing the customer’s agreement.

In addition, the customer can exercise the rights provided for by the current legislation on personal data, by addressing any queries or requests regarding the processing of personal data: 

(a) to any Branch of the Bank or to the Office of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) (Aiolou 86, Athens 10551, [email protected]).  For further information on data protection, interested parties can refer to NBG's Statement on Protection of Personal Data available at the Bank's branch network and on its website.

(b) to NBG PAY (after the spin-off has been completed), see contact details above.  For detailed information regarding the processing of Personal Data by NBG PAY, the customer can refer to the Information Form (on the Processing of Personal Data in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the relevant Greek legislation) of NBG PAY at ([email protected])

Important Note:
If the customer is a legal entity, this update concerns the legal entity’s administrators, representatives, partners and Board of Directors whose personal data are held with the Bank in respect of the agreements that the Bank has entered into with the legal entity where such agreements will be transferred.


Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

Kind regards,



NBG Pay is the new, pioneering payment technologies and services company bearing the seal and guarantee of National Bank of Greece. 
A state-of-the-art fintech payments acceptance and processing company, NBG Pay is the channel through which NBG and EVO Payments Inc. offer trusted and cutting-edge solutions for every business that wants to develop a full package of acquiring services for payments using debit, credit and prepaid cards.
EVO Payments is a payment technology and services provider offering a host of innovative, reliable and secure payment solutions to merchants of all sizes worldwide.

No action is required on your part. Your contractual relations with NBG concerning card payment acceptance services have been automatically transferred to NBG PAY.



The spin-off to NBG PAY will not change the terms of your banking relationship with NBG.
The bank accounts you hold for receiving the credit from your card transactions will remain with NBG.