Flexibility and speed in your daily banking 

By using PREMIUM Account you can carry out your daily banking hassle-free, taking full control, and according to your own plans and needs, freeing up valuable time for your other tasks. PREMIUM Account is a cutting-edge deposit account product that connects with all automated banking transaction services (standing orders, debit and credit cards, Internet & Mobile Banking), working for you as a multi-purpose-tool with which you can take full control of your money. 
Making your funds work for you

PREMIUM Portfolio enables you to build and develop your own portfolio in line with your investment goals, your needs and the time horizon of your funds. You can choose from a wide range of fixed income investments, capital protected products, mutual funds and stock-market instruments, gaining access to Greek and international capital markets. With PREMIUM ​Portfolio, the world of investments becomes easier to reach, allowing you to match your investment profile with your financial aims and needs.​
​All-round protection for you and your family

PREMIUM Cover enables you to match your actual needs w​ith your preferred package of insurance cover.
You can simply choose whichever insurance protection you consider best for your car, your home, your household effects or your business premises, as well as health insurance for you and your family at highly attractive prices.

Financing packages tailored to your needs

Our PREMIUM Finance offering enables you to fund your housing and consumer needs with special financing packages that have been designed with the current economic environment in mind.
Choose from a wide range of financing packages that combine fixed and floating rate returns, term options and repayment methods, and design your personal PREMIUM Finance loan package to best meet your needs and goals.