Digital CX Awards 2022 | The Digital Banker

NBG was once again distinguished among 600 submissions from 127 worldwide FSI organizations taking part in "Digital CX Awards 2022" held by "The Digital Banker", a leading industry journal.

Digital CX Awards is arguably the most competitive banking awards program in the global arena. The exponential growth in the volume of submissions each year, together with the number of participating entities, is a testament to the disruption, innovation and investment banks are driving to prepare for the decade ahead. DCX 2022 is the world’s only assessment program dedicated to recognizing excellence in Digital Customer Experience across the financial services sector.

Accordingly, we are so proud that NBG won for Greece the awards below:

  • Best Retail Bank for Digital CX” and
  • Best SME Bank for Digital CX”.

These distinctions are very important to us, as they reflect our broad plan for the renewal of our historical role and at the same time strengthen our position in the market. Underpinning this transition is our change in strategic approach, from traditional banking products to new advanced digital services that place the customer at the center of our business model.

NBG offers a wide range of products and services throughout the digital customer journey: from onboarding new customers to the Bank, to providing them with value added services and tools which boost customer engagement (since they simplify their everyday life and improve their financial health), to offering online a set of products that meet their personalized needs, both for retail and business customers.

Regarding the awards, some of the best practices and innovations with which NBG’s Digital Offering impressed the committee were:

  • NBG Digital Onboarding – we were the first bank in Greece that enabled individuals to become customers from their mobile phones, even without uploading documents.
  • We are the only bank that offers a complete offering through mobile banking, as a result of our mobile-first strategy, where the customer can do everything from his or her phone, without a computer and of course without visiting a branch.
  • Users of mobile services have made our Mobile Banking the most popular application among Greek banks, gaining a high market share.

In addition, to encourage our business customers to further use electronic payments and new online functionalities, so that they don’t have to visit branches and can enjoy a fully digital banking experience, NBG has upgraded its Corporate Internet Banking offering and introduced a new comprehensive package of digital solutions. Businesses can now become NBG customers through a fully digital procedure, acquiring accounts, cards, loans, POS & e-commerce solutions, and much more besides – all online.

Customer satisfaction with NBG’s digital offering for business customers has been raised high, according to our internal research. We have managed to streamline controls & simplify paperwork, optimize CX and redefine ourselves as a bank with a fresh and modern profile.


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