Seeking to meet your expectations, we moved beyond the numbers.

We looked for the stable growth, the freshness of renaissance, the plethora of choices, the perfection that only nature can offer. We developed a crafted banking experience


​A crafted banking experience

You want to keep your options open, to choose from clear-cut solutions, to get maximum benefit for you and your family, security in all your transactions, and success in everything you aim to achieve: we are pleased to announce the launch of PREMIUM Banking.

A service setting high standards, building a relationship of trust.

A unique banking experience that combines quality, convenience, discretion, and a one-on-one service. After all, we know that you, too, are unique. NBG's PREMIUM Banking comes to offer you:  

  • Top-class personal service, on-the-spot expert advice 
  • Tailor-made solutions that utilize specially designed financial planning tools and a host of investment
  • Cutting-edge products and services at competitive prices 
  • PREMIUM ​Banking Branch network supported by state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, delivered in a    
        welcoming and luxurious environment 
  • Trust, experience, and security, backed by one of the strongest ba​nking groups in Europe.​