Bulk File Management

Take advantage of NGB’s digital solutions for managing bulk files for payments and collections.

Solutions with added value

Solutions both for managing large volumes of payments, and for receiving collections files and information files. Make the most of NBG’s digital platforms, such as ETHNOfiles.
Payments EthnoCredits-EthnoFILES mass file

Payments ETHNOCredits - ETHNOfiles bulk file

You can manage large volumes of payments by allowing your designated employee to access NBG’s ETHNOfiles service and import your company’s file.

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Payments mass file - Host to Host

Payments bulk file - Host to Host

You can use the Host to Host infrastructure to exchange payment bulk files without human intervention. 

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Payments mass file Internet Banking

Bulk Payment files via Internet Banking

You can execute bulk payment files for your business via Internet Banking for businesses.

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Collections - mass files

Collections - bulk files

Get a panoramic view of your collections and automate entry of collections data n in your company's system.

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Letters of guarantee

Letters of guarantee

Get the right tools to ensure your imports and exports.
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i-bank Trade Finance

i-bank Trade Finance

Get the option to manage your import and export business online.
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Our Relationship Managers are here for you

You can have your own Relationship Manager or Corporate Transaction Banking Officer, who will provide you with key information, guidance on programs and products that will help you achieve your business goals, as well as direct and specialized service.

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