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The rate is variable based on Euribor (dependent on the ECB intervention rate of the European Central Bank) plus interest margin.  

Note that the floating interest rate is subject to changes in line with any increase or reduction in Euribor, and this may cause your instalment amount to go up or down. Also note that the loan's interest rate is subject to the levy under Law 128/75, currently amounting to 0.60%.  

 You can find all the details regarding the rates and charges for loans here
Your monthly amortization instalments begin one month after the date of the loan's disbursement. You pay your instalment on the same day every month automatically through the account you already hold or will open with NBG.
Yes, you can make early full or partial repayment of your loan, free of charge.
A statement is sent to you every month to keep you duly updated on your loan’s remaining instalments, interest rate, outstanding principal etc. Moreover, if you're an i-bank Internet Banking user, you can sign up for the i-bank statements service and receive e-mail alerts regarding the issuance of your loan statements.

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