​Our payments solutions support both, distinct and mass payments such as:

  • Utility and social security payments
    • VAT / Income Tax
    • OTE / DEH / EYDAP (telephone, power and water supply bills)
    • IKA /OAEE
  • International and trade related payments to EU and Non-EU countries
  • Payroll and employee reimbursement payments
  • Mass Payments via Internet Banking
  • Multiple payee payments with file upload through ETHNOfiles, ETHNOcredits
    • Support ERP integration in order to exchange data between company financial systems and our payment services
    • Provide a certified SAP ETHNOready interface tool to customers using SAP’s Financial Module 6.0
  • Domestic payments in a variety of globally standard formats
    • SWIFT
    • XML ISO 20020


NBG is a direct clearing participant in ACH DIAS (Transfer DCT), SWIFT, TARGET 2 EURO1 and is also SEPA compliant.

Our payments solutions through Internet Banking allow companies to fully integrate seamlessly with the company’s accounts payable process via secure process with minimal impact to IT resources. It provides the ability to initiate payments in order to:

  • Optimize use of company cash
  • Simplify  and automate processing
  • Process timely and securely transaction initiation instructions
  • Minimize transaction  clearing costs


Your Relationship Manager will be pleased to introduce you to a highly specialized team of Corporate Cash Management experts that will be most interested in discussing in more details the specifics of our services and in order to design the solution that best meet your needs.