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Documentary Collections

Our intermediation secures your transactions...

Import - Export Letters of Credit

Mitigate trade risk...

Imports' ETHNOcredits

A secure means to effect your company's mass payments...

Imports-receipts / Advance payments

Make your payments securely...

International Letters of Guarantee

We support your international transactions...

Trade Finance Solutions

Export Trade Finance Solutions

We support your business and liquidate your receivables...

Import Trade Finance Solutions

Ensure long-term and beneficial business relationships with your Suppliers...

Guarantee Programmes for International Transactions

Trade Facilitation Program – European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Global Trade Finance Program – International Finance Corporation (IFC)


We enhance the liquidity of your exporting company against receivables secured under the Export Credit Insurance Organization (OAEP).

Provision of guarantees by EIB for International Trade Transactions