Companies have the ability to submit own Payroll instructions via the use of ETHNOfiles, a secure data transfer service over the Internet between NBG’s Internet Banking and the ERP system of the company. Our payroll solutions can be tailor-made to fit almost any type of business.


Some of the key benefits of ETHNOfiles for the company are:

  • Remote access to Banking Services through Internet, allowing time efficiency and cost reduction
  • Operational efficiency
    • Internet banking real-time update (fast and secure)
    • Elimination of need to send to the Bank paper or portable magnetic device
    • Automated file administration integrated with corporate’s internal systems
    • Reduction of data input
    • Limit error inducing from manual processing
  • 24h access to Bank’s systems for sending and receiving data files


For the employees, the Payroll account offers:

  • Preferential terms for a number of payroll-related Bank products:
    • Current account with ETHNOCASH PLUS debit card
    • Increased yield (from 1st Euro deposited) with preferential interest rate
    • Preferential conditions for consumer loans, mortgages and credit cards
  • Significant additional benefits offered by NBG to employees are:
    • Servicing through Bank’s large network of Branches in Greece
    • Free automatic payment of Public Service bills (DΕΗ, ΟΤΕ, ΕΥDAP)
    • Automatic payment for mobile operator bills through standing order
    • Free transfers to own and third party Bank accounts via standing order
    • Free automatic payment for consumer loans, credit cards and mortgages
    • Capability to use payroll account for investment product transactions
    • Statement through Internet Banking and mail
    • Free registration to electronic services i-bank Internet/Phone/Mobile Banking
    • Access through NBG’s own i-bank ATM network, as well as the network of ATMs of rest of Greek Banks (DIAS) and international network (Cirrus/MAESTRO) by using ETHNOCASH PLUS debit card.


Your Relationship Manager will be pleased to introduce you to a highly specialized team of Corporate Cash Management experts that will be most interested in discussing in more details the specifics of our services and in order to design the solution that best meet your needs.