How to earn go4more points

You register, start making transactions and earn points.

Earn points, earn euros

Get a daily reward for actions that didn’t matter until today. Specifically, when you:
Make purchases at partner businesses with your debit or prepaid card.
Make an investment.
Invite a friend to the program.
Make transactions through Digital Banking.
Make any purchase with your credit card.
Pay an installment of your loan.
Get a deposit package.
Get insurance for your vehicle.

Download the go4more app!

The installation of go4more application is free, but telephony provider data charges apply.
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Do you want more information?

It is the first comprehensive rewards program in the Greek market. Which means that you get rewards not just for the transactions you perform with NBG’s cards, but for every transaction you carry out with us.
You get rewards for every transaction you carry out with us. This means that you earn points from insurance plans, loan installments payment, investments, as well as from transactions with all NBG cards. This way, the more transactions you make the more you earn. Furthermore, you have flexibility with respect to the redemption of your points, as you can choose which of the 7.500 partner businesses you redeem your points at. 

You can register for free, using any of the following ways:

  • On the go4more registration page
  • Via the go4more app for iOS or Android
  • Via Internet and Mobile Banking
  • By visiting any NBG branch
  • By calling at 210 48 48 484 from a fixed line or mobile phone
With go4more, collecting points is simple! All you have to do is subscribe to the program and then automatically earn points with your daily banking transactions, but also with your purchases with the NBG cards. The go4more program was created for you, to reward you daily for what did not matter until today. Now you earn points by paying electricity, water and telephone bills, sending a transfer via Digital Banking, insuring your car or by paying off your loan installment! The more transactions and purchases you make, the more points you earn. Discover the ways you can earn points every day, here.

Using your debit, credit or prepaid card at the special terminals of the go4more partner businesses (POS), you can choose to fully or partially redeem the points you have accumulated, and this way pay less or not at all.
Supermarkets, gas stations, department stores, telephony & Internet, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, health & beauty services, baby items, electronics & electrical items are just some of the options available to you!

See all the partner businesses, as well as the stores closest to you.

  • Make sure that you make your transaction through NBG terminals (POS)
  • Remember that you need a minimum of 2,000 points for redemption and that the points you collect can be redeemed within 1 year from the date of collection!

go4more rewards

Make your next banking transaction an opportunity to earn even more.

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