Your trips to island destinations are combined with go4more points, on every purchase made using NBG cards.
Travel to Crete, the Cyclades, and the Adriatic Sea and enjoy the luxury, comfort, quality, speed, high tech, and safety that Minoan Lines offer. Founded in 1972, one of the best shipping companies in Greece has an eco-friendly fleet of Highspeed Cruise Ferries and Catamarans. Enjoy traveling with punctuality and comfort at competitive prices and make the trips you will treasure forever.

Use your NBG cards to buy your tickets at ebooking.minoan.gr, travel agents, company offices, our phone center, as well as to make purchases at restaurants, bars, and ship stores. Book your tickets and earn 1% of the value of your purchases in go4more reward points.

You earn reward points even when you shop online.

You can't redeem reward points for transactions made at ebooking.minoan.gr.

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