Employees constitute the most important asset for the growth of National Bank. For this reason, the Bank invests systematically in the selection, training, evaluation, retention and development of its human resources, while aspiring to be a preferred employer.  Analytical details regarding the Human Resource Management in NBG can be found in section Responsibility to the employees.

At December 31st 2016 National Bank has been employing 9.478 employees nationwide. The Bank ensures that its people can work daily according to the Values and Principles of the "Code of Ethics", to ensure that all actions are guided by the relevant principles of corporate behavior:

  • Legality,
  • Priority to customers,
  • Quality of staff,
  • Contribution to society,
  • Respect to the environment.


Careers at National Bank
The Bank's objective is to attract and retain competent human resources that will embrace the Values and Principles of National Bank and will contribute to fulfill the goals of the organization and seek to retain its momentum. For this purpose, the Bank conducts nationwide competitions for the recruitment of staff for its Branches and Units. Moreover, specialized personnel evaluate the qualifications of employees in accordance with the needs of the Bank and the Group, ensuring their professional development

Training and Development
Training and development of employees are the most important means in order to upgrade the professional level of the employees and therefore the Bank itself. The continuous improvement of employees’ professional skills and knowledge through their participation in a number of seminars organized by the Bank or other banking institutions, their continuous update on the financial developments in combination with the promotion of their self-education and lifelong learning, are priorities of utter importance for the Bank when it comes to human resource management. More…

Staff in numbers and charts