Responsibility to the Society

Contributing to society


“...The Bank and the Group, sensitive to issues of corporate social responsibility, particularly with respect to vulnerable social groups, provide assistance to help address social problems and support for humanitarian initiatives as well as for the work of a number of highly regarded social welfare institutions and organizations...”

(Extract from Code of Ethics of NBG and its Group )


In the context of its responsible operation, NBG continues to undertake actions with a view to supporting the community. NBG contributed substantially, and in many ways, to economic growth, social development and prosperity, environmental protection and conservation of the Greek cultural heritage.

NBG has always shown a special interest in the community and vulnerable social groups. Accordingly, it participates in efforts to enhance health, education, sport and social welfare services, thereby improving the quality of life of the public as a whole.

NBG’s “Responsibility” Corporate Social Action programme is based on three core lines of action: 

Community, Cultural Heritage, Environment


Actions: Responsibility to the Society