The Library of National Bank of Greece was founded in 1919.

Its structure and operation has significantly changed since then. Its modernisation culminated in the 90s, when its book collection was electronically catalogued and integrated into the Library Automation Software System of the National Documentation Centre (ABEKT).

The objective of the Central Library is to provide reliable and updated information. This goal is achieved by:

  • Constantly updating, enhancing and making available all types of printed matter, such as books, journals, Government Gazettes, etc.
  • Implementing computer registration methods, to render the data instantly accessible and usable.
  • Cooperating with other Libraries and Documentation Centres.

The Central Library operates as a reading-room for anyone interested. It lends books to NBG employees and cooperating libraries only. Based on its annual budget, the Library purchases books and other material to enrich its collection or meet specific needs of various Bank units.


The collection is also enriched through donations or exchanges.


Contact Tel. No.:

30 210 3341454

30 210 2242092


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