“Responsibility” Corporate Social Action programme

NBG’s Responsibility Corporate Social Action programme embodies the key CSR principles, both in its business plan and in its everyday modus operandi, lending real and generous support to a wide range of cultural, educational and humanitarian initiatives, and the community at large, along three core lines of action: Responsibility to society, Responsibility to the cultural heritage, and Responsibility to the environment.


The Community

The Bank shows particular concern for vulnerable social groups, and accordingly participates in efforts to enhance services related to health, education, sport and social welfare and thereby contribute to the overall improvement of the life of the society in which it operates.


The Cultural Heritage

NBG has long shown its support for actions that serve to highlight and preserve the Greek cultural heritage. It channels substantial funds in sponsorship to endeavours and events related to history, the arts, customs and traditions in Greece.


The Environment

Responsibility to the environment and the implementation of a well-aimed Environmental Policy are cornerstones of NBG’s corporate citizenship aspirations and are essential for securing sustainable development. NBG applies its Environmental Policy thoroughly and consistently, and seeks to enhance the environmental awareness of its staff and, indirectly, its shareholders and customers.