Organizational Structure for CSR Issues

National Bank of Greece, seeking to systematize and further strengthen the management of issues relating to Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, has made the following structural and organizational changes:

- In 2015, by decision of the Management of NBG, General Manager of Group Compliance & Corporate Governance Mr. Panagiotis Dasmanoglou was appointed Environmental & Social Management System (ESMS) Officer, who, representing the Management, has the required authority and responsibility for:

  • developing and implementing NBG’s ESMS strategy,
  • monitoring implementation of the ESMS, and
  • verifying attainment of the Bank’s objectives and submitting reports on the performance of the ESMS, and any actions needed for enhancing it.

- In 2017, the Bank sets up the Group Corporate Governance & CSR Division.

These decisions by the Bank’s Management reflect the strategic commitment to pursue on an ongoing basis the upgrade of the role of CSR and Environmental Management in the context of the activities and business operations of NBG.