NBG offers you the Capital Plus deposit-investment products, whose return is either predetermined, or is connected to the movement of specific exchange rates, stock exchange indexes, share values etc. or a combination of them.

The Capital Plus products are available in Euro and also in foreign currency and assure:

  • 100% capital guarantee at the end of the investment,
  • potential of high returns,
  • connection of the investment with the Greek and the international market,
  • guaranteed return (in some of the products),
  • management of your capital by the experienced executives of National Bank.                                                           

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The Capital Plus products are offered both to individuals and to legal entities.



The products are offered periodically by the Branches of NBG. For each product there is an availability period of a few days.


Minimum initial deposit

Determined explicitly for each product and mentioned in its special terms.



The duration of the Capital Plus products varies depending on the product and is announced along with the rest of the special terms of this investment.



The Capital Plus products as specialized time deposits are regulated by the respective deposit taxation system for Euro or foreign currency deposits.



The return of the Capital Plus products can be:

  • connected to the movement of specific exchange rates, stock exchange indexes, share values etc.
  • predetermined (e.g. predetermined interest rate and periodical interest payment).


For more information, visit one of our Branches today or call us at +30 210 48 48 484.

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Liquidation /Investment prepayment

There is the option to prepay part or the entire amount of your investment at any of our Branches under the terms of each product. In that case the amount paid to you is calculated based on the current evaluation of your investment, while the capital guarantee and any estimated guaranteed return are not available.  


Investment Credit procedure                                   

At the expiration date of your investment, the capital and the interest, if existing, are credited to the deposit account that you have indicated at the beginning of the investment, without your visiting any Branch being necessary.        


Updates for available products                                

For the Capital Plus products available at any period you can receive information by:

  • the Branches of NBG
  • the Telephone Contact Center by calling at +30 210 48 48 484
  • the web page of NBG  


Change of personal details

Please inform us about any changes to your personal details (home address, contact details etc.) by visiting one of the Branches of NBG.

Learn about any documents you need to submit in order to verify these personal details by: