Time deposit accounts in euro

If you want your deposits to have high, and even guaranteed, returns ...  you only have to choose one or more of the time deposit accounts that we offer you for higher return, comfort and flexibility in your investment choices.

The overall account return depends on the amount of the deposit and the time duration.

With the time deposit in euro you enjoy secure deposit of your money with attractive return.

For further details, please refer to Details.


Time deposits are offered to:

  • Individuals
  • Legal Entities of Private Law (L.E.P.L.) of any form and
  • Public and Private Companies


Minimum deposit for account opening

The amount of €3,000.



Time deposits in euro, that combine security with high returns, offer you:

  • option to select the duration of the deposit from 1 to 365 days
  • competitive rate that
    • depends on the amount of capital and time duration of the deposit
    • is fixed, for the duration of the deposit, protecting it against any possible decrease in interest rates.
  • option to an automatic renewal, saving you valuable time
  • automatic transfer of interest in a linked upon demand deposit account of your choice (savings or current)
  • option to an additional deposit at the end of the deposit term
  • option to add beneficiaries (individuals), without requiring the pay off of the account and the opening of a new one
  • option for deposit concession in case of granting a loan or in an IPO participation
  • nominal deposit slip
  • free of maintenance fees
  • service at any Branch of the Bank.


Interest Rates

To receive information regarding the rates of time deposits in euro visit any of our Branches.

Precontract Information - Framework Agreement

For information about product features and terms and conditions, please visit Precontract Information and Framework Agreement respectively.


For more information, visit one of our Branches today or call us  from your fixed or mobile phone, from  Greece or abroad +30 210 48 48 484.

The documentation required is:

  • your Identity Card or valid passport
  • the respective legal documents for Legal entities.

Get informed about the necessary identity verification documents according to the existing regulatory framework in the information brochure Have you introduced yourself? If not ..do it now.

Options offered by the time deposit

Secure placement of your money with attractive return.



You can perform the transactions related to your time deposit through our Network of Branches.                                 


Information on account balance & transaction history  

Option to receive updates regarding the balance and the transactions of your account:

  • at any Branch of the Bank and through Internet Banking for analytic details of your time account, 
  • through i-bank Internet Banking and Phone Banking regarding the transactions (in the last 3 months) of the account servicing your time deposit.


Change of personal details

Please inform us about any changes to your personal details (address, contact details etc.) by visiting one of the Branches of National Bank. Read the information brochure Have you introduced yourself? If not... do it now to learn about the documents required, in order to verify your new personal details.