NBG's classic euro savings account can be opened via NBG Internet/ Mobile Banking or at any NBG Branch giving you direct access to your money and everyday banking transactions, offering you:

​Get direct service at our cash desks throughout our branch network, at our i-bank ATM network using your debit card, and at our Automated Payment Systems network for cash deposits.​Link your account with NBG Internet Phone /Mobile Banking services for 24/7 information and transactions free of charge or at very low rates.

Link your account with your Debit Mastercard and Debit Visa cards for fast and safe transactions in physical and online stores, and at ATMs.
​You can arrange for standing orders at an NBG Branch or via NBG Internet /Phone Banking for automatic direct debit payment, through your account, of public utility bills and other obligations such as DEH, EYDAP, rent, tuition fees, and card & loan instalments.

You can get information on your account balance and transactions at any NBG Branch with your account passbook, at ATMs with your debit card, and via our NBG Internet /Phone /Mobile Banking channels.

Select the i-bank Alert package that suits you, through NBG Internet Banking, to get instant alerts, via e-mail or SMS about the activity on your accounts

​Collect go4more reward points by keeping funds in your account and carrying out purchases with your debit card and transactions via our i-bank channels.​Take advantage of i-bank Pay for instant money transfers and payments using your mobile phone, through direct debit of your bank account.
​A payroll account, for salaried employees or pensioners, offering you an integrated package of banking products and services on favourable terms.​A special bundle of products and services for salaried employees or pensioners, offering you cutting-edge banking services.
​Find out about the world of Value products and services and upgrade your banking relationship.
An integrated solution for school and university students, with privileges and facilities in various banking products and services.​

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  • Account Features
    · Euro demand deposit account for individuals and private entities of public benefit or not-for-profit status
    · No minimum initial deposit
    · Interest compounded per semester
    · Link with NBG's i-bank services, cards, loans and investment products
    · Option of automatic deposit of payroll or pension
    · Option to activate standing orders for payments of dues (such as rent, tuition fees etc.) free of charge
    · Further information on account features and benefits available in the Precontract Information Form. 
  • Balance & activity
  • Transactions
    Carry out your everyday transactions with security and flexibility via NBG Branches and i-bank channels.

    Cash Withdrawals: At NBG Branches and i-bank ATMs using your debit card

    Deposits: At NBG Branches and APS centers, as well as i-bank ATMs.

    Payments and money transfers: Pay your bills and settle your financial obligations easily and instantly through direct debit of your account at NBG branches and via i-bank Internet /Phone /Mobile Banking and ΑΤΜs
  • Change of personal data
    In the event of change of personal data (address, contact details etc.) you should inform the Bank immediately, simply by visiting one of our Branches. Find out about the required ID verification documents at "Have you introduced yourselves? If not ...do it now"
  • How to apply
    You can apply for a Savings Account:
    • at any NBG Branch or
    • via NBG Internet / Mobile Banking.

    Find out about the ID verification documents you are required to submit (home address, contact information, etc.) at “Have you introduced yourselves? If not ...do it now".