At NBG, we know that children hold the future.

To support every parent's desire to secure the best for their children, NBG has designed NBG Children deposit account for children under 17 years old.

This account is designed to enable you to offer your children greater financial security in their future life. In addition, it will help children to become familiar with the banking relationship and assimilate the values of saving and responsible management of money throughout their life.

The NBG Children account is accompanied by various reward and incentive programmes, such as:

  • Reward for timely deposit payments into the account
  • Reward Programme for using credit cards
  • Other cash rewards linked to various promotional programmes.

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The NBG Children account has been designed to enable you to create a pool of money for any future needs of your children and comes with a range of flexible account management terms and privileges.



Principal beneficiary: Natural persons under 17 years old.

Co-beneficiaries: At least one parent or guardian is required for the account. A third adult of up to second-degree kinship (grandparent, adult sibling of the child) can also be designated as account co-beneficiary.

Each child is entitled to just one NBG Children account. Another child cannot be designated as a co-beneficiary of the account.


Minimum initial deposit: €50


Moreover, the NBG Children account offers:

  • Returns on even the very first Euro deposited
  • Scaled interest rate, linked to the ECB’s interest rate, thereby ensuring higher returns
  • Interest posted every semester
  • Easy pay-in of any amount, either through a single deposit or by regular payments on the basis of a standing order free of charge
  • Deposits by third persons free of charge
  • Withdrawal option
  • Reward for deposits paid in the account regularly, equal to 20% of the average amount deposited per month (total deposits /12) and up to a maximum of €200 per calendar year, subject to the following conditions:
    • at least one deposit, irrespective of amount, is made each month, and
    • no withdrawal is made.

To determine the reward amount, and for the purpose of calculating the average monthly deposit amount, only a maximum monthly credit of up to €1,000 shall be taken into consideration. In addition, if the year is not a full calendar year, but only a fraction of a calendar year (i.e. at 31/12 a full year has not been completed since the deposit account was opened or, on the other hand, a full year has not been completed at the time the account expires) the amount of the reward shall be adjusted in line with the length of time the account was held during the year, expressed as a fraction thus: “Number of months of the account period/12”.

The amount of the respective reward shall be calculated and credited on the first business day of the following year.

If on 31 December of the year when the NBG Children account was opened a full year has not been completed, or if the account expires prior to 31 December, the calculations and the maximum subsidy amount shall be adjusted accordingly.


24hour banking service

  • Access to NBG's i-bank Internet, Phone and Mobile Banking service.
  • Easy, instant and secure account management and transactions via Internet, Phone and Mobile Banking, free of charge or at very low rates.




NBG credit cards

If you’re a co-beneficiary parent (or guardian) you can link your newly issued or existing  VISAMastercard or gold Mastercard to this account and be reimbursed for 1% of the value of each purchase made with the card (maximum of €400 annually) to your child’s deposit account, as a reward for using the credit card, subject to the following conditions: 

  • The NBG Children deposit account is active
  • The credit card is valid and duly repaid throughout the year.

Furthermore, the credit card is offered subscription-free for as long as the NBG Children account is held.


Notes on reward programmes:

  1. The Bank calculates reward amounts on an annual basis and credits them into the linked NBG Children account. Such amounts shall remain blocked in the NBG Children deposit account until its expiry, i.e. until the first business day of the month following the month in which the child-beneficiary comes of age, when the amounts shall be automatically released and the reward scheme shall cease to apply.
  2.  In the event that the deposit account is closed prior to its expiry, any reward programme shall cease to apply and the total reward amounts gathered to that date shall be returned to the Bank.


Bancassurance Program

Option to participate in the insurance program Vehicle Insurance Plan: Private Car and Private-use farm truck insurance plans are available with a 10% discount on comprehensive premiums, for specific types of cover.

Rates & Charges

For information on interest rates and/or charges relating to NBG's deposits, click here.​

Precontract Information and Single Agreement

For information about product features and terms and conditions, please visit Precontract Information and Single Agreement respectively.

For more information, stop by one of our Branches today or call from a landline or mobile phone, from  Greece or abroad +30 2104848484.

Find out about the ID verification documents required under the current regulatory framework at Have you introduced yourself? If not... do it now.

Additional documents required for children:

  • Birth certificate or
  • ID card, if applicable.


Special features of your account

  • Reward for timely deposit payments into the account
  • Reward Programme for using credit cards
  • Other cash rewards linked to various promotional programmes.


Useful information


You can get information on the balance and transactions of your account in the following ways:

  • via Internet Banking (monthly i-statement).
  • by means of your account booklet, if you so request.
  • information on a round-the-clock basis (24/7) free of charge:
         -  regarding the last 7 transactions on your account, via NBG's i-bank ATMs;
         -  regarding your account activity, via Internet Banking.


Information on account balance & transaction history

You can get information on the balance and transactions of your account in the following ways:

  • by updating your deposit book at any NBG Branch
  • NBG i-bank ATM network (last 7 transactions)
  • NBG's Internet and Phone Banking service, for transactions you’ve made in the last three months.


Change of particulars

In the event of change of personal data (address, contact details etc.) you should inform the Bank immediately, simply by visiting one of our Branches. Find out about the required ID verification documents at Have you introduced yourself? If not... do it now.