gold Mastercard is an internationally recognized credit card, which offers comprehensive services, flexibility, and security in all of your transactions.

gold Mastercard can be used for :

  • Purchases of goods and services at any point of sale in Greece or abroad displaying the Mastercard indication. 
  • Purchases with many interest free instalments and other offers at selected retailers.
  • Cash withdrawals 24/7 at ATMs displaying the MasterCard indication in Greece or abroad.
  • Paying your bills, such as fixed and mobile-phone bills, insurance premiums, taxes etc through direct payment orders.
  • Purchases over internet through the Mastercard® Identity CheckΤΜ service at any participating authorized merchant.



gold Mastercard offers you:


Rewards for your purchases

gold Mastercard participates in the go4more program and rewards you for your day-to-day purchases made at millions of businesses displaying the Mastercard logo. By signing up to the program and using gold Mastercard, you collect points that you can redeem at businesses participating in the program. You choose the amount you wish to redeem in each of your purchases, by paying less or even not at all.

To get detailed information on the terms of the programme and to sign up click here.​


International Recognition

gold Mastercard ensures international benefits and prestige. Use it for purchases in Greece or abroad, at any registered retailer displaying the international Mastercard indication. Use it for your purchases and benefit from interest-free payment and other offers at selected retailers.


Online purchases
You can use gold Mastercard at thousands of e-shops displaying the Mastercard logo. Furthermore, with the new online security transactions service, Mastercard® Identity CheckΤΜ, which NBG offers to credit caldholders, gives you the opportunity to carry out online purchases with participating merchants at a heightened level of security. For further information click here​.



Travel Insurance Program

Benefit from travel insurance which covers you and your family members in the event of accident or other unforeseen incidents during a trip. You are automatically insured, simply by charging at least 75% of your travel and/or accommodation expenses on your gold Mastercard.


Cash available when you need it

gold Mastercard offers you cash withdrawals, up to your approved credit limit, 24/7 at ATMs displaying the Mastercard indication in Greece or abroad.


Additional Family Card

You can share the benefits of gold Mastercard with your nearest and dearest. Apply to issue another card - offering the same benefits - to up to 3 members of your family over 18 years, so that you can all enjoy its advantages.


Repayment in monthly installments

For further details on how to repay you credit card dues, click on Useful Information.



The minimum monthly instalment is equal to 2% of the sum amount of (capital + interest) plus expenses, subject to a minimum of €10. If you choose to pay off the total amount due from purchases of goods and services, no interest is charged.

For information on the interest rates and other charges related to your gold Mastercard, click here.


To apply for the gold Mastercard, you and/or your family members simply need to:

  • visit your local NBG Branch and
  • fill out and sign the respective documents (application form and contract)

The basic documentation that you need to provide us with:

  • Valid police-issued ID card or passport
  • Your latest tax clearance form from the Tax Office

Besides the above, you may be asked to supply further documentation if necessary.


Alternatively, you can apply for the card via:

  • NBG’s Customer Support Center, by dialing +30 210 48 48 484. 

Receiving your card and PIN

Once your application has been approved, you will receive your card by registered mail within a few days, at the address you have indicated us, while your PIN will be sent separately at around the same time.


Information on your monthly statement

If you need further details on your credit card bill (e.g. transaction type, date or amount, other charges etc.) you can call  +30 210 4848484.

Information on your dues

Each month, you will receive a copy of your card transactions at the address you’ve indicated, stating in detail the amount and date of each transaction during the last month (up to the closing date of the statement), the total charges, the minimum instalment amount and the date of payment.

You can also access information about your transactions and your amount due by using our Internet Banking service, provided that you are a registered user.


Payment options

You can pay your credit card bill in a number of ways:

  • in cash (without PIN use) at most ATMs of our ATM network, or by using Debit Mastercard and       Debit Visa cards;
  • in cash at any of our APS (Automated Payment Systems) machines; 
  • through our Internet Banking service;
  • through our Phone Banking service, either assisted by one of our Agents (say: “Agent”) or following the Interactive Voice Responses (say: “Information” or “Transactions”);
  • with automatic debit your NBG deposit account (to do this, you need to fill in the respective authorization form at any of our Branches);
  • in cash, at the teller’s desk in any of NBG’s Branches;
  • at any branch of the Hellenic Postal Service, by simply presenting the payment advice slip attached to the bottom of your credit card bill.


Transactions at NBG i-bank ATM

Through our i-bank ATM network you can:

  • obtain information on:
    • your credit card data (card number, credit limit, current debit amount, future instalments);
    • the last seven (7) transactions on your card. The cardholder also has exclusive access to information on any additional credit cards linked to the main card.
  • carry out a number of transactions, such as:
    • cash withdrawals;
    • payment of your monthly credit card instalment, in cash (without PIN) at most ATMs of our ATM network;
    • payment of bills, such as Multichoice, Vodafone mobile phone bills, donations to UNICEF;
    • purchase of WIND and VODAFONE mobile-phone credit;
    • change of PIN.


Card loss/theft

If your card is lost or stolen, you should report it immediately to our Customer Support Center (available round the clock) at +30 210 4848484.


ΡΙΝ loss

If you’ve forgotten your PIN, simply call our Customer Support Center at + 30 210 4848484 to be put through to one of our agents and request a new PIN. 

You can have your new PIN delivered to you at the postal address you’ve given us, provided that it is in Greece.


Change of personal details

Please inform us immediately of any change in your personal details (address, contact information etc.), simply by visiting an NBG Branch.

To find out which documents are required to verify your new personal details, please refer to: