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We are taking every measure to ensure the safety of staff and customers

The safety of all of us is a key priority for our Bank. With this in mind, NBG has put in place from the very first days of the Covid-19 ("coronavirus") outbreak, a full series of measures to help curb the spread of the virus.

We have drawn up a comprehensive action plan aiming at the safety of our employees, the protection of our customers while ensuring that transactions can be carried out as conveniently as possible, and the overall regular operation of our Bank. The Bank has set up a special Committee to deal with the situation in a coordinated manner and make related decisions with speed and flexibility on a day-to-day basis.


  • Enhanced daily cleaning and disinfecting in all spaces at our branches 
  • Enhanced personal hygiene measures when entering the branch (sanitizer fluid at entrance for washing hands)
  • Hand sanitizer fluid is available for systematic use by staff and customers
  • Controlled entry of the number of customers wishing to carry out transactions in the branch, under guidance by a member of staff
  • Information updates are displayed and posted with guidelines on protection and hygiene issued by the Public Health Organization
  • Floor markings to indicate where customer stands before the counter, for the safety of both customers and tellers
  • Reduced business hours at the branch network as of 18/03/2020 with 50% of the staff, who alternate at their posts every two weeks


    For the protection of our customers and staff, the following transactions have been modified and can be performed as follows:
  • Cash withdrawals up to €400 only by means of debit card at ATMs
  • Cash deposits up to €1000 only by means of debit card at ATMs
  • Account balance and recent transactions only through ATMs or Internet & Mobile Banking
  • Payment of utility bills only through ATMs, APS and Internet & Mobile Banking – not with cash at branch counters
  • Passbook update not available


For your safe and prompt service, banking transactions and information on our products and services, we strongly suggest that you make use of our alternative banking channels:

  • NBG's Internet/Mobile Banking services
  • Our network of 1,480 ATMs located throughout Greece
  • Information and updates on our webpage: www.nbg.gr

In addition, our new upgraded Mobile Banking service offers the following:

  • Registration with Internet Banking and ability to acquire your password to access online banking transactions without needing to visit a bank branch, if you're already a debit cardholder with NBG.
  • Open an account with NBG from your mobile phone even if you're not already a customer with us.

     More information on our upgraded Mobile Banking here.

You can contact us through the following channels:

  • call 181818 or 2104848484,
  • send an e-mail to contact.center@nbg.gr or
  • fill out the "Contact us" form at www.nbg.gr.



    For increased protection and safety, opt for contactless payments with your credit, debit or prepaid card.

    By not actually letting your card completely touch the POS when you pay for goods, you reduce possible channels of infection.

    National Bank of Greece fully supports the effort of the Hellenic Bank Association to reduce the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) by amending the limit for contactless payments without the use of PIN.

    Accordingly, please note that as of Monday 30 March through Sunday 21 May 2020 the limit on contactless transactions without requiring entry of your PIN has been increased from €25 to €50.


    o   up to €50 without PIN (*)

    o   over €50 , PIN is required

    Enjoy easy, instant and safe contactless transactions.


    (*) For your safety, you may nevertheless be asked to enter your PIN for transactions up to €50 as well.

    Prepaid Visa & i-bank payband

    We strongly suggest that you use your reloadable Prepaid Visa, which is issued in combination with the i-bank payband, as a means of payment, and fully supports contactless payment technology. NBG's i-bank payband is an easy and instant payment device worn as a wrist-band that enables you to make cashless and contactless everyday purchases. i-bank payband operates together with Prepaid Visa, sharing the same transaction limits and offering the same benefits as the card.


  • We are providing a regular flow of information on safety and preventive measures that our staff and their families should be observing, under the guidance of the health experts at the Bank's Health Fund (TYPET) and the Public Health Organization.
  • We have set up a dedicated helpline to provide information and advice to colleagues who present possible coronavirus symptoms, and other vulnerable groups.
  • We are encouraging flexible forms of work among our staff, particularly working from home.
  • We are granting special leave to members of staff who have to remain at home because young children are unable to be at school, in implementation of emergency legislation.
  • We are regularly disinfecting the Bank's offices, branches and other work spaces as a protective measure.
  • We provide sanitizer hand wash in all the Bank's spaces for all staff.
  • All work-related overseas travel by staff has been put on hold.
  • We have cancelled all internal and external meetings, arranging phone and video conference calls instead.
  • As of 18/03/2020 our branches are open under reduced business hours with 50% of the staff, who alternate at their posts every fortnight


We are committed to keeping you informed of the measures we are taking to protect the health of all of you, while making every effort to ensure that we can continue to provide you with quality banking services.