​​i-bank e-commerce is a service provided by NBG and is designed for merchants with an electronic store (“e-shop”), offering secure and reliable solutions for online card payments.

Through this solution, NBG enables online customers to make their purchases using their credit, debit or prepaid cards, on a 24/7 basis.  

NBG's solution can enhance merchants’ competitiveness, enabling them to provide high quality customer services, and to grow their business in a secure payment environment.

For further information about the i-bank e-commerce service:
Visit any of our NBG Branches
Call NBG's Contact Centre for Business Banking at +30 2109503055
Send us an e-mail at e-commerce@nbg.gr

To sign up for the i-bank e-commerce service  visit any NBG Branch. You need to have a website with an active e-shop and a sight deposit account with NBG. 

​i-bank e-commerce is supported by DataCash, a subsidiary company of MasterCard, and offers an integrated system for on-line card payment management, thus providing  a highly reliable and competitive solution for your business.   

Accepted cards

i-bank e-commerce supports payments with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro credit, debit or prepaid cards.

Interface Options

- Hosted Payment Options
This option is suitable primarily for merchants that do not have an integrated payment service infrastructure and provides an integrated management and support system via the Bank's systems.

  • Your Benefits
    This solution offers many benefits and options such as: 
    • The card details are not stored in your company's systems, which facilitates your e-shop's PCI     DSS compliance
    • Different "Look and Feel" of the payment page, in line with your own design standards and          specific needs
    • Flexibility regarding the payment page display (pop-up, Redirection or iFrame) 
    • Supports 3D-Secure transactions: If the card issuer supports the cardholder’s verification,           the cardholder will be able to use his Personal Identification Number
    • An authorization or a pre-authorization request can be sent
    • Support for up to nine dynamic fields, which are set by the merchant​
  • Payment Procedure
    When the customer completes the checkout process and chooses to pay by card, he is redirected to the Bank and then enters the card details: 
      1. On the payment page, the transaction amount and the merchant reference number are already            filled in and the cardholder is asked to fill in the card details and submits the payment. 
      2. The payment is carried out absolutely securely via the Bank's system.
      3. Both the merchant and the customer are immediately informed (online) about the outcome of the        transaction.​-
​- Application Programming Interface (API)

By choosing to connect with the Bank's System via XML web service, the company itself is able to develop the layout of the payment page which is hosted on its website. 
This solution is suitable for merchants that have developed infrastructure certified in accordance with the international PCI DSS security standards.  

  • Your Benefits
    The benefits of this solution are:
    • The company retains full control of the configuration and layout of the payment page.
    • Supports 3D-Secure transactions: If the card issuer supports this verification method, your 
          customer will be able to enter his Personal Identification Code.
    • Both authorization or pre-authorization request can be sent.
  • Payment Procedure
    1. When the customer completes his order and chooses to pay by card, he will remain on the e-shop's website, where he will be asked to enter the card details (data capture) while completing the payment.
    2. The merchant sends the card details to the Bank's System, through a secure interface. 
    3. The Bank's System receives the card details and the authorization  or pre-authorization request.
    4. The merchant is immediately informed (online) about the outcome of the transaction.
    5. The merchant displays the outcome of the transaction to the customer.

Transaction management in real time

The i-bank e-commerce service enables you to monitor and manage the transactions carried out in your company's e-shop in real time through the Merchant Reporting Portal.
The online and real-time updating of the Merchant Reporting Portal regarding the transactions enables you to:
  • ​respond immediately to ​your customers' queries regarding issues such as the status of the transaction, without the need to contact the Bank 
  • carry out online refunds (partial or total), cancellations, resubmission of transactions to be authorized and so on, and
  • access a host of reports in all the usual and widely used formats for further processing (e.g., xls, CSV, xml files).

Additional ​Services 

The i-bank e-commerce enables you to enjoy additional services which maximize your benefits and ensure secure transactions for your e-shop customers.​

  • Split Shipments Option
    By submitting the initial authorization request , the total transaction amount  is transmitted to the Bank's System, with the possibility of partial completion of the transaction, depending on the product availability. ​In this way, the customer is charged at the time of dispatch, without violating the security of transactions and settlement rules.​
  • Card Tokenization Option
    The Card Tokenization Option allows substitution of the card number, thus dispensing with the need to enter it  again in future transactions. Using this feature, the cardholder can revisit your e-shop for purchases, without having to re-type the card details  every time.
  • Payment in interest-free instalments
    Via i-bank e-commerce  e-shop customers are able to pay the transaction amount  in interest-free, monthly instalments.   
    This option applies to certain cards issued by Greek banks, while the minimum and maximum transaction amount as well as the number of instalments corresponding to each amount is determined by the merchant , depending on his  commercial policy.​
  • Support for mail and telephone orders (Virtual Terminal MO/TO Transactions)
    The NBG Virtual Terminal service supports mail and telephone orders.

    This service is addressed to merchants that offer mail and telephone orders as additional sale channels or run an organized call centre. 

    The transactions are transmitted to the Bank and executed in line with specific rules and security standards, while at the same time the merchant  is in compliance with the PCI DSS specifications and requirements.​
  • Recurring Payments
    For merchants whose sales involve periodic charges (for example collection of annual or monthly subscription payments, insurance fees, mobile phone fees and other similar services), recurring payments are supported and carried out with absolute security. 
    ​Together with the tokenization option, there is no need for the merchant  to retain card details.

The i-bank e-commerce service is a secure and reliable solution for executing and managing payments carried out through with e-shops, given that:

  • It is a fully certified system, compliant with international PCI DSS safety standards.
  • Supports 3D MasterCard® SecureCode™/Verified by VISA transactions: As long as
        customers and cardholders are registered with the MasterCard® SecureCode™ or Verified by VISA     service provided by the issuing Bank, they can be authenticated by using their PIN. 
  • Enables the card number not to be used at the merchant's e-shop in future
    , by use of "Tokenization", whereby the card number is converted into a unique e-     token.  More specifically, the customer can revisit the e-shop to make purchases without each time     having to re-enter his or her card details. This way, the company doesn't have to handle card    
        details and is therefore compliant with PCI DSS specifications and requirements, while at the same     time the quality of customer service is significantly enhanced.
In addition to the above, there is monitoring and protection from fraudulent transactions (Fraud & Risk Solutions):

NBG runs state-of-the-art risk & fraud systems that operate 24/7 365 days a year, and are provided to every merchant who uses the i-bank e-commerce service. 

A transaction control service (Risk & Fraud Screening Solutions) is also provided, tailored to your specific business needs. In collaboration with NBG, you can set your own transaction control rules. The controls are performed online and in real-time, and take less than two seconds prior to sending the transaction authorization request. 
​​Sign-up Procedure

In order to use the NBG i-bank e-commerce service you need to have a website with an e-shop and a sight deposit account with NBG. 

Once you've met these requirements, you can visit any of our NBG Branches and sign the "Application for the provision of e-commerce transaction management system".

Our Bank will carry out the relevant controls and, provided everything is in order, you can sign the "System for management of online card payments" business cooperation agreement. 

Help Desk 

For further information about our i-bank e-commerce service:

• send an e-mail to e-commerce@nbg.gr   
• call NBG's Contact Centre at +30 2109503055 
• visit any of our NBG Branches