Business Loan Express

At NBG we are committed to providing top-class services. As the demand for remote transactions increases, we now offer freelancers and businesses the opportunity to access credit in order to meet working capital needs, exclusively through NBG's Internet Banking.

This banking product comprises financing by means of an overdraft facility for amounts from €6,000 to €35,000.

Now, via our Internet Banking service, and without needing to visit an NBG branch, you can submit your credit request, get informed on the approval decision, sign the contractual document and receive the disbursement.

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The Business Loan Express is aimed at freelancers and businesses who hold a sight account with NBG, with a business life of at least one business year and turnover of up to €2.5 million.

This product offers financing by means of an overdraft facility from €6,000 to €35,000, and is aimed at our business clientèle, following approval, to cover their working capital needs.

The credit is of 12month duration with a renewal option upon expiry, by submitting a relevant request. The relevant interest must be paid on a monthly basis, with the minimum monthly payment being €50 if the monthly interest due falls short of the said amount, while the principal is paid back in line with what the borrower can afford, with the payback  deadline, however, being the expiry date of the overdraft.

The interest charge on the credit arises from the sum of 3-month EURIBOR (in the event of a negative rate, it is agreed that a zero rate shall apply) plus interest margin and the respective levy under Law 128/75 (currently 0.6%).

The interest rate margin arises on the basis of banking criteria, following assessment of the financing application. The terms of the Bank’s approval for financing will be notified to the applicant through his Internet Banking service.

It is agreed that the default interest rate shall be two and a half (2.5) percentage points higher than the contractual rate each time applicable, as above.

Annual handling and operating costs amount to €150, and are collected upon first use of the credit line, and on each annual renewal of the credit.

Any collateral required in security of the credit line shall be in the form of personal guarantee by a third party and may be requested by the Bank during assessment of the application, if not already indicated by the applicant when submitting the application.

If the applicant is a legal person then one of the company’s proprietors should participate in the loan application as guarantor. Note that the company’s proprietor included in the application must have at least a 20% share in the company's ownership.

You can apply online via the NBG Internet Banking service, through which you can attach the required documents in digital form.

If there are guarantors involved in the application, then each must declare via NBG Internet Banking his intention to provide, on a contractual basis, his personal guarantee. The submission process for the application by all parties involved (applicant and guarantors, if any) must be completed within one month as of the commencement date of its submission. Otherwise, the application will be cancelled.

Following approval, all parties involved must sign the contractual document via Internet Banking, with approved e-signatures.

The process of signing the contractual document by all involved parties must be completed within 20 days as of the date of the Bank’s approval. Otherwise, the application will be cancelled.

Τo enable you to monitor your account activity and the payment of interest due on the credit you have drawn down, NBG sends you a statement of account each month at no extra charge.

On a semi-annual basis we will provide you with a good standing statement for tax clearance purposes.

For more information about the product’s features and the procedure for submitting an application consult the relevant Pre-contractual Information leaflet.