If you’re planning to purchase:

  • business premises
  • equipment for RES projects (photovoltaic systems, wind parks etc.)
  • production machinery
  • vehicles (trucks, cars)
  • office equipment
  • P/Cs or
  • other business equipment,

...NBG, along with its subsidiary ETHNIKI LEASING S.A., can support your investment plans effectively through a variety of solutions based on simple and efficient procedures in any sphere of business activity, providing you with:

  • financing on the best terms available in the market
  • tax breaks (depending on what you’re leasing).

All you have to do is choose the equipment or property you that best meets your needs. Ethniki Leasing will buy and lease it to you at an agreed rental, thus relieving you of the need to worry about capital to purchase.


For more information, see Details.

Types of leasing:

  • Equipment leasing, for purchasing any type of new or used machinery (vehicles, machines, equipment for RES projects etc.)
  • Business real estate leasing, for purchasing business premises or offices
  • Sale and lease back. Ethniki Leasing will purchase equipment or real estate you already own and lease them back to you on preagreed terms and conditions
  • Long-term leasing of passenger vehicles and trucks of a GVM up to 3.5 tonnes.


 For more information contact Ethniki Leasing S.A. (tel. +30 210 51 58 060 - 3).

Stop by one of our Branches today or contact Ethniki Leasing S.A. (tel. +30 210 51 58 060 - 3) and find out how you can profit best from our leasing services.

  • To find out more about the special leasing programmes offered by Ethniki Leasing, including                        
    • ETHNOLEASE BUSINESS, for leasing of equipment and motor vehicles
    • ETHNOLEASE MEDICAL, for leasing of any kind of medical equipment

        simply visit your NBG branch or contact Ethniki Leasing S.A. (tel. +30 210 51 58 060 - 3).

  • Sale and lease back is not permitted for sole proprietorships / micro businesses.
  • Rental fees on property (excluding heavy and light industrial plant) are exempted from VAT.