Secure transactions with your card

Το provide maximum security for your purchases, NBG has built new intelligent chip technology into its credit and debit cards. This technology ensures extra security for all your transactions carried out using NBG credit and debit cards at all points of sale or services.

Instructions for safe card use

Your card is accepted internationally and may be used for transactions at any businesses displaying your card’s international indications in Greece and abroad.

In particular, for your own security it is important that you:

  • Regularly check your account activity. If you identify any transactions not carried out by you, please immediately notify NBG by calling at +30 210 4848484.
  • Report immediately loss or theft of your card by calling our round-the-clock Contact Center at  +30 210 4848484.
  • Destroy all documents (monthly bills, account statements etc.) that include your personal data (such as name, address etc.) before throwing them away.
  • When registering for MasterCard® SecureCode™ / Verified by VISA and entering the information required to set up your personal Secure Code account, avoid using any combinations of numbers or characters that can be easily guessed.
  • Do not disclose your personal particulars and card details to anyone else, even if they claim to be employees of NBG.  
  • Please note that NBG will never send you an email requiring you to disclose personal or confidential data, such as card particulars, verification codes, PIN codes, or to connect to the Internet Banking service to enter such information.
  • Check the expiry date of your card. If your card has expired and you haven’t received your new card yet, please contact NBG immediately by calling at +30 210 4848484.
  • Always watch over the procedure when your card is being charged for purchases and services.
  • Keep your card with you. Don’t leave your card lying around where others may be able to access it.


Instructions for safe and secure PIN use

The PIN of your credit or debit card serves as your signature, and accordingly NBG recommends that you observe carefully certain security rules:

  • Never keep your card and your PIN together.
  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone else or allow them to use it.
  • Try not to use obvious combinations of numbers when choosing your PIN.
  • Never disclose your PIN when ordering goods or services over the phone or internet.
  • Contact the Bank if you’ve forgotten your PIN.
  • Change your PIN regularly. You can easily and safely change your PIN via NBG’s i-bank ATM network