Safe communication via e-mail

NBG uses a digital signature in all its e-mails communications, so as to protect customers against malicious and bogus e-mail messages posing as NBG messages.

A digital signature serves as authentication regarding the sender of the message (i.e. the message has really been sent by NBG) as well as the integrity of the message’s content (i.e. the content has not been altered or tampered with during transmission).

To check whether an e-mail message has really been sent by NBG, take the following steps:

  • If you’re using MS Outlook, you should see the words “Signed by” and a ribbon icon  on the right side of the screen below the “Sent on” info (see the example below).


  • When you click on the ribbon, the following information will be displayed:


The said information concerns the authenticity of the digital signature.

  • By clicking on the “Details” tab, you can see information regarding the digital certificate.

Note that digital certificates are re-issued every 1-2 years.


NBG recommends that you use e-mail software that supports the use of digital signatures. For more information, consult the “Help” option or “User guide” of your e-mail software.

Note that NBG will never send you an e-mail communication asking you to reveal private and confidential data such as card details, passwords, PINs etc.