Secure Transactions via Internet, Phone and Mobile Banking

NBG i-bank services use state-of-the-art security technology to ensure that your Internet, Phone and Mobile Banking transactions are fully protected:

  • Data confidentiality and protection against tampering
    We ensure maximum data confidentiality and protection against tampering in your Internet and Mobile Banking via the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) communication protocol, which is deployed in strong 128-bit encryption.
  • NBG authenticity
    NBG has been issued with a Web presence authentication certificate from Verisign, the leading certificate authority worldwide. The certificate is displayed on the system's home page and is available to the user throughout the use of Internet Banking services.
  • User authentication
    - Every user of Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking has his own, unique Username and Password which is the same for the three digital banking services.

    - The Internet and Mobile Banking application “recognizes” authorised users and allows them access to the system on the basis of their Username and Password.

    User authentication in the Phone Banking application is verified by means of the users’ unique User ID in combination with the OTP (“one-time password”: a single-use numeric code) which is sent to the users' mobile phone via text message.

    - On a fourth attempt to enter an invalid code (Username and /or Password and /or OTP), access to the system is automatically blocked (the user is deactivated) for your own protection. To regain access to these services, you will need to phone our Contact Center (at +30 210 4848484 from Greece and abroad) and follow the instructions of one of our agents.
  • Preventing unauthorised access to the system
    If no transaction activity has taken place for more than 10 minutes in the Internet or Mobile Banking application, the system automatically returns to the home page and you need to re-enter your codes if you wish to continue. This helps prevent unauthorised access to the system.
  • Additional security for money and security transactions
    - Additional security for money and security transactions (e.g. change of password) via Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking is provided by one-time passwords (OTPs) sent to the mobile device via text message.

    - In addition, these codes are generated on the basis of the 3DES strong encryption algorithm, ensuring a superior security level certified by leading international organizations.
  • Recording of telephone calls
    All calls made to the Bank’s Contact Center at +30 210 4848484, and via which Phone Banking transactions are carried out, are recorded by the system for security reasons.
  • Mobile Banking transaction security
    When carrying out transactions using your Smartphone, you enjoy the same level of security as when you bank via Internet Banking, as described above. In addition to these security features, our technology ensures that no personal or transaction data is stored on your mobile device after the transaction is concluded.


For our business customers, in addition to the technologies already outlined, NBG provides your company with additional functional capabilities for safeguarding and controlling transactions via Internet Banking:

  • Different authorisation levels and access rights
    Designating authorised users (Job Positions) for Internet Banking, with different authorisation levels and access rights: This conveys rights and restrictions to each Internet Banking user in accordance with the company specifications.
  • Job Position Administrator
    The Job Position Administrator defines and manages the powers of each and every Job Position from wherever there is an Internet connection, without the mediation of the Bank. Furthermore, the JPA has full supervision of Internet Banking use, i.e. the activity of each Job Position.
  • i-code device for Businesses
    i-code device for Businesses, particularly handy to use and carry, ensuring you top-level security for your transactions along with an extra security feature in the form of a PIN set by the user himself. Click here for further information on the i-code device.

To find out more about our i-bank Internet, Phone & Mobile Banking services click here.


It is important to bear in mind that you, too, share responsibility for the security of your transactions: 

Please take time to read our customer security guidelines about your computer protection, browsing on the Internet, safe communication via e-mail etc.