Internet browsing software does not provide full proof security and accordingly enables malicious internet users to intercept data from your computer. You should read the webpages of companies producing anti-virus software in order to better protect your computer from malware. It is extremely important that you regularly update your software and programmes with the latest security updates released by the manufacturers.

Malware seeking to steal PIN and personal data tends to target users who have not taken the proper measures to protect their computer.


Protect your computer with firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware software and make sure you keep it updated with the latest releases.

Firewall software

A firewall is a programme that protects your computer against non-authorized incoming and outgoing network traffic and, accordingly, against attacks by malware and computer hackers via the internet.

To better protect your computer:

  • Install a firewall programme.
  • In the firewall programme, adjust your setting to automatic monitoring of incoming and outgoing traffic via the internet.
  • If you use a router for internet access, you should launch its inbuilt firewall.

Anti-virus software

  • Install and launch an anti-virus programme on your computer.
  • Look out for any telltale signs that your computer may have been attacked by a virus:
    • Your system suddenly takes longer to start up or to launch programmes.
    • It takes longer than usual to open your files.
    • Some files appear to be damaged or fail to open.
    • Your anti-virus programme sends you warning messages or you get other alerts.
  • You should check regularly that your computer’s anti-virus programme is running and fully up-to-date. It is best to set your programme to check for updates every time you connect to the internet.

Anti-spyware software

  • Spyware is software that gets installed on your computer without your consent and aims at monitoring your computer’s activity. It spies on data such as passwords or the webpages you have visited.
  • To protect your computer, you should install and run reputable anti-spyware software, which—if it is not already a part of your anti-virus programme—will automatically check for updates against any new threats.