Secure Transactions via ATMs

National Bank of Greece provides you security when you carry out transactions via its i-bank ATM network by deploying cutting-edge technology:

  • All transactions via the i-bank ATM network are monitored on an ongoing basis through our Fraud
        Detection System.

  • The NBG cards incorporate Chip & PIN technology for safe and secure transactions.

  • The transactions are carried out by entering the PIN which is unique, strictly personal and should never
        be disclosed to any third party.

  • For safety reasons your card is temporarily blocked after 5 consecutive failed attempts to login.

    Bear in mind that you, too, share responsibility for the security of your transactions:

  • Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is equivalent to your signature and is unique, strictly personal
        and confidential.

  • You should ensure in every way the confidentiality of your PIN.

  • Memorize your PIN and do not write it on the card, or on any other document or object accompanying
        the card. 

  • For maximum security, you are advised to change your PIN regularly.

  • Never disclose your PIN to any third party, even the staff of the Bank.The staff of NBG will never ask you
        to reveal your PIN.

  • Keep a handy record of the Bank's contact number to report any incident relating to your card and/or

    Further, when carrying out a transaction at an ATM:
  • Hide the keyboard and never accept any help from anyone else, when typing your PIN.

  • Never allow anyone to come close to you and distract your attention in any way.

  • Check whether the ATM gives back your card upon completion of the transaction.

  • Make sure that the next customer is standing at a safe distance from you.

  • If your card is retained by the ATM, contact NBG’s Call Center and report the incident.