NBG’s wide range of financial products and services allows us to provide you with personalized, integrated solutions through a variety of flexible options based on our:

Investment services

Investments in

  • Greek and foreign bonds
  • stock listed on the Greek and international stock markets
  • derivatives
  • Capital guaranteed investment products
  • Structured products
  • FX transactions (FX spot or forward, options)
  • Greek and foreign mutual funds
  • go gold MasterCard and Platinum MasterCard
  • Custodian services in Greece and abroad: safekeeping your securities and collecting dividend
  • Updating on Greek and foreign money and capital markets.

Banking services

An integrated range of banking products and services (such as euro and F/X deposits in Greece and abroad, credit facilities, credit cards, fund transfers) is also available to fully back up your investment choices and objectives.

We can help you plan your strategy for maximum benefit on the basis of our thorough analysis of your investor profile considering:

  • the risk you are prepared to take
  • your investment time horizon and
  • your investment objectives.