What makes us different

NBG’s Private Banking effectively combines the prestige and know-how of an international financial group with the personal approach of a flexible team. This combination forms the keystone that allows us to offer you professional portfolio management.

Doing business with NBG, the largest Greek bank with the strong international profile, is the optimum choice for ensuring:

Reliable quality service:
NBG’s name, associated with trust, confidence and consistency, ensures you reliable, quality Private Banking service.

Easy access:
NBG’s largest network in Greece and significant presence overseas ensure you easy access to Private Banking services.

Global reach:
NBG’s international profile and dynamic presence in major financial centres worldwide guarantees you global reach and access to international investment opportunities via our London-based International Private Banking

NBG’s leading position in product innovation is the key advantage that allows us to guarantee you creative investment solutions.

NBG’s analysts, dealers, Mutual Fund managers and brokers are here to ensure you effective support for each one of your investment choices.

Personalized service:
NBG’s Private Banking can offer you all the advantages of a person-to-person approach and professional advice based on thorough understanding of your investment needs and global knowledge of products and market conditions. This enables you to plan the optimum investment strategy that will mobilize your funds effectively and add value to your portfolio.