Stock/ Bonds A.S.E./ C.S.E.

NBG offers you the option to perform your stock exchange transactions at the Athens Stock Exchange (A.S.E.) and at the Cyprus Stock Exchange (C.S.E.).

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Through our Branches you can:

  • perform your stock exchange transactions at the Athens Stock Exchange (A.S.E.) and at the Cyprus Stock Exchange (C.S.E.), by giving share/ Bonds A.S.E./ C.S.E. purchase or sale orders
  • submit stock-option applications to buy shares/ Bonds introduced at ASE and CSE.
  • participate to capital increases of listed companies and to other company actions (participation in IPOs of new or already listed companies, participation in public offers and squeeze-outs, etc.).

NBG undertakes and transfers your stock exchange orders to be executed by National Securities according to the provisions of the Current Policy on Best Execution of Orders of the Bank.

Using the i-bank Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking services you can perform, among others, stock/ Bonds A.S.E./ C.S.E. exchanges, and receive information regarding your portfolio easily, fast and securely.

Alternatively, call at +30 210 48 06 900 and connect to the stock exchange customer call center of NBG group, in order to make your stock exchange orders.

Procedure for creating a new stock exchange account

To perform any stock exchange transactions it is necessary to have an investor shares and securities account at the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS) of HELEX, and an on-demand deposit account at NBG through which your transactions are cleared. Opening them can be carried out at any Branch of NBG.

Get informed about the necessary identity verification documents according to the existing regulatory framework in the information brochure Have you introduced yourself? If not …do it now.


Making Transactions

You can make your stock exchange transactions wherever you are:


Order execution - Transaction Clearing

NBG clears your stock exchange transactions securely and fast through the bank account indicated by you.

For the stock/ Bonds A.S.E./ C.S.E. purchase transactions, the required amount is held from your bank account and disbursed to fulfill your obligation at the clearing date (3 business days after the execution of your order). The shares to be bought are available for sale even before the clearing day.

Regarding share/ Bonds A.S.E./ C.S.E. sale transactions, the resulting amount is deposited automatically to your indicated bank account at the clearing date of your transactions (3 business days after the execution of your order). The amount that corresponds to the sale (reduced by a safety percentage) is available for share/ Bonds A.S.E./ C.S.E. purchase even before the day of clearing.


Useful information for your convenience


  • Each time a stock/ Bonds A.S.E./ C.S.E. sale or purchase order is executed, the relevant statement is sent to your contact address or via email.
  • Regarding the progress / evaluation of your portfolio you can receive information through:
    • the responsible executives at our Branches,
    • through the i-bank Internet BankingMobile Banking services of NBG,
    • through the Stock Exchange Customer Call Center of NBG Group by calling at +30 210 48 06 900,
    • the quarterly statement of financial instruments, sent at the mailing address or email address  you have indicated, each month you make transactions or, in any case, every six months.
  • Regarding the stock/ Bonds A.S.E./ C.S.E. prices you can receive information by the daily press, by the Branches of NBG and over the phone at +30 210 48 06 900.


Change of personal details

Please inform us about any changes to your personal details (address, contact details etc.) by visiting one of the National Bank Branches.

Learn about any documents you need to submit in order to verify these personal details by:

By signing the respective change of personal details form, our representatives will make sure that the relevant department of HELEX and, through which, the listed companies whose you are a shareholder/ bondholder will be informed.