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Financial Planning Tool

​Check out your investor profile...​​

1.What is your investment experience:

2.The Duration that you would accept to 'commit' your funds into an investment is:

3.In which age group do you belong?

4.Which of the following proposals do you think that suits your expectations best

5.The value of your investment in shareholder value has been increased by 20%, over a short period of time. Assuming that based on the published analyses a further rise is expected, then

6.You know that the value of the investments may fluctuate over time. Assuming that the value of your investment notes a decline in short period of time then ...

7.Your Primary investment scope is:

8.Do you have regular liquidity needs (e.g., loan repayments, tuition fees, etc.) which you will cover with the amount of the current investment?

Your profile leads to the selection of a preservative portfolio. Such a portfolio is designed to protect your capital by its main characteristic of immediate liquidation taking extremely low investment risk. This portfolio mainly consists of short-term placements and fixed income securities.