Private car and motorcycle insurance

In cooperation with Ethniki General Insurance, NBG offers you a set of three car and motorcycle insurance plans: 

  • Standard – Economy option: Combines obligatory insurance required by law with specific coverage necessary for the protection of the vehicle and the driver him/herself, such as repair of damage caused by an uninsured vehicle, premium guarantee and legal protection.
  • Extra –  Extra coverage: At a small additional cost, this package offers all the insurance coverage included in the Standard package plus extra protection from the most common risks, such as theft, fire or natural phenomena, plus protection for the driver in the event of personal accident.
  • Privileged –  Full protection: Combines a wide range of cover for the driver and vehicle, even if you are responsible for the accident (Comprehensive insurance).


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There are three (3) insurance plans available, depending on the type of the vehicle (car or motorcycle) and the coverage provided.






Civil liability against third parties

Material damage caused by uninsured vehicles

Local towing services due to accident (*)

Premium guarantee

Accident care

Legal protection

Insurance against fire


Terrorism & Malicious fire acts


Total & Partial theft


Car replacement due to total theft


Natural phenomena


Driver's personal accident


Damage caused to your vehicle due to theft


Damage caused to your vehicle (under Comprehensive cover)



Damage caused to your vehicle due to malicious acts



Glass breakage



Road assistance due to accident or breakdown (*)




 (*) Coverage is not provided for motorcycles of engine size 125cc and smaller.

The Standard insurance package is available for cars and motorcycles, while Extra and Privileged insurance packages are only available for cars (Private passenger vehicles). The insurance does not cover rented vehicles for private use. This exception includes all forms of vehicle rental (leasing, long- and short-term rental, etc).

The insurance premium for each plan is related to a set of parameters, including: the use of the vehicle (private road vehicles, moto) engine capacity, KW of power,  vehicle traffic zone, number of seats (only for cars), number of damages, driver's age (<23 years old), driving licence issue date (<1 year), existence of a trailer.

Visit any of our NBG Branches and talk with our specialised advisors to find out more on coverage services provided by each package and select the plan that best meet your needs.


The information contained herein may not be fully up-to-date and accordingly you should consult the relevant information leaflet (under Law 4364/2016), which is available at all NBG branches. The insurance coverage is provided with the mediation of National Bank of Greece SA, 86 Eolou,102 32 Athens, Company Reg. No.: 311481, Athens.  For more information click here. 


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Basic documentation required:

  • Valid Identity Card or Passport
  • Copy of the vehicle license

Find out about the ID verification documents required by the current regulatory framework at Have you introduced yourself? If not ...do it now.​


Special features of the plan you’ve selected  

  • Immediate issue of the Standard insurance plan contract upon payment of the respective premium.
  • Fast and simple pre-insurance control process for the Extra and Privileged insurance plans.
  • Flexibility in terms of the duration of the insurance cover with choice of quarterly, 4-month, 6-month or 12-month insurance policy.
  • Automatic payment of the premium via standing order for renewal of your insurance contract.
  • Payment of insurance premiums for 6-month and 12-month coverage, using NBG credit cards, in up to 12 interest-free installments depending on the duration of the insurance coverage.
  • Coordinated response in the event of an accident:
    • Accident care
    • Local towing services
    • Road Assistance (optional coverage)
  • Participation  in the Amicable Settlement System: even in the event of third-party liability, compensation is paid by Ethniki General Insurance.
  • Coverage of damage to your vehicle caused by an uninsured vehicle and Legal Protection.
  • Premium Guarantee: Your insurance premium is protected from increases for up to 2 accidents annually due to own liability.


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