Your home is certainly one of your most important and treasured assets. To keep it safe, along with your personal care, you also need the security of a large insurance company that can cover the cost of any damages caused by unforeseen events, such as fire, earthquake, flooding, burglary and so on.

Ethniki Insurance has designed comprehensive insurance packages, available through NBG's  Branch Network.

  • for your home and household effects.
  • for mortgaged and mortgage-free property.
  • for eligible categories of office and business premises.

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NBG offers you the option to choose among 5 different insurance packages:

  • Basic insurance package
    • Home
    • Home and household effects
  • Full insurance package
    • Home
    • Home and household effects
  • Separate household effects insurance  


Depending on the package you choose, you’re covered against: Basic Full Household effects (1)
Fire, Lightning, Explosion
Earthquake (2)
Fracture/ rupture of central heating, water, cooling and drainage tanks/ pipes
Terrorist acts  √
Storm, hurricane, flood  
Breakage of glass panes, mirrors, doors, windows  
Civil liability for damages against third parties  
Hotel expenses  
Theft of household effects, damage due to burglary, theft of cash and bank cheques    
Water pumping costs    
Monthly cost for 100 sq. m. € 20.4 € 21.2  
Monthly cost for 100 sq. m. excluding earthquake (for mortgage-free property only)  € 6.5  € 7.3  
Monthly cost for household effects worth € 30,000          € 9.2 (3)
Monthly cost for household effects worth € 30,000 excluding earthquake (for mortgage-free property only)      € 4.3  (3)

(1) Provided that the property’s main areas do not exceed 180 sq. m. 

(2) Earthquake coverage is available for buildings constructed after 1960.

(3) The insurance cost for household effects is added to the home insurance cost if you choose  Home and household effects. 


The Household Effects Insurance can also be provided separately.


The information contained herein serves a purely informative purpose and is not intended to replace the pre-contractual information, as stipulated by the current applicable legislation, nor the insurance contract and its general and special terms. The complete pre-contractual and contractual information for this plan is available at all NBG branches.

The insurance plan is distributed through National Bank of Greece SA, 86 Aiolou, str. 105 59 Athens and Company Reg. No.: 311481. For more information click here .

Insurance plans available at the NBG branches are distributed only by Bank staff who are certified insurance intermediaries. The National Bank of Greece is registered as an insurance agent with the Special Registry of the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen under No. 1028. The Special Registry's data are available through the online platform "Point of Single Contact (ESIP)" of Active Insurance Intermediaries, via which you can verify the registration with the Special Registry. ESIP website  http://insuranceregistry.uhc.gr/.



For more information, stop by one of our Branches today, consult our specialized advisors and obtain easily and quickly a real protective shield for your property. 

If you do not have a housing loan, to insure your property under our insurance programmes you should provide us with the following information: address, year of construction, surface area of main and secondary spaces, use (i.e. home, detached house, storage room etc.).

If you are or were granted a housing loan in the past, you do not have to submit any further documentation.

Find out about the ID verification documents required under the current regulatory framework at Have you introduced yourself? If not…do it now.


Special features of your programme

  • Effective protection of your property if you have taken out an NBG housing loan to buy, build/complete or repair the property, or if you own a property and simply wish to insure it.
  • Protection of property contents against damage or destruction due to fire, earthquake, theft etc.
  • Option to choose from various insurance packages.
  • Fast and easy insurance processes.


Frequently asked questions - answers   

  • Can I apply for home insurance without having a housing loan with NBG?
    You can insure your home regardless of whether you have a housing loan for its purchase or not. Besides, there are always risks to your property. In collaboration with Ethniki Insurance, we offer you an integrated insurance programme to protect your property against fire or earthquake, as well as everyday risks such as burst or leaking pipes or damage caused by burglary.
  • Can I insure any type of real property?
    You can insure apartments, detached houses, storage rooms, private parking spaces, as well as certain types of office and business premises. For more information, you can visit one of our Branches.
  • Can I insure my summer house?
    Yes. However, houses that remain vacant for more than 3 months a year cannot be insured against burglary and damage caused by break-in.
  • I own a house that is not insured. Can I insure only its contents?
    Yes. The insurance of property contents does not have to be combined with a home insurance package.
  • Is it possible to insure works of art or art collections of significant value?
    In the case of home contents insurance, certain objects can be covered up to €3,000 per piece, such as paintings, sculptures, antiques, old icons, handmade carpets, musical instruments, silverware, audiovisual items. The overall compensation amount for these objects cannot exceed 60% of the total value of insured contents, subject to a maximum of € 50,000.
  • How can I pay the insurance premium?
    Insurance premiums are collected automatically, by debiting your deposit account each month, unless you have a housing loan, in which case insurance premiums are paid along with the scheduled loan instalment.