Ethniki Insurance has launched a new bancassurance program for Card Insurance, available through NBG's Branches Network.

Card Insurance is a plan that provides you insurance coverage in the event of theft or loss of your debit, credit or prepaid card, as well as specific items or cash that may be stolen or lost at the same time. 


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​Key features of the plan
The Insuree, aged between 18 and 70, upon concluding the contract should hold a debit, credit or prepaid card issued by NBG. The Business MasterCard (credit card) and debit MasterCard company cards are excluded and do not participate in the plan.

Each cardholder can have a single Card Insurance plan that covers all his cards.


The insurance plan lasts for one year and can be renewed automatically.


Plan cost
€28 annual premium

The purchase of this insurance product can be made by redeeming go4more bonus points, while it can also count as a participation in the reward program for collecting points.



​ ​Benefits ​ ​Description​ ​Compensation
per incidentAnnual Limit
Coverage of cash withdrawals or card debitsThis concerns debits to the card made after loss or theft of the card and up to 48 hours before the Bank is informed of such loss or theft.€500€1,000
​Coverage of cash withdrawals from ATMsIn the event of theft of such cash within 12hrs of withdrawal of the amount from an ATM (use of violence/threatening behavior)€300€300
​Coverage for the cost of replacement of keysIn the event of loss or theft of keys at same time as loss/theft of the card (house/office/car)€100€100
​Coverage for the cost of replacement of identity or other personal documents (ID, passport, driving license, vehicle registration certificate, residence permit, work permit, leisure craft licence, health book)In the event of loss or theft of such document at the same time as loss/theft of the card €100€100
​Coverage for the cost of replacement of bagIn the event of loss or theft of the bag at the same time as loss/theft of the card €200€200
​Coverage for the cost of replacement of wallet In the event of loss or theft of wallet at same time as loss/theft of the card ​​€100​​€100
​Coverage for the cost of mobile phone (purchased in the context of a new connection or renewal of an existing connection) (*)In the event of theft of mobile phone at same time as the theft of the card (depreciation of initial value: 25% per six months)€200€200
​Coverage for the cost of tablet In the event of theft of tablet at the same time as the theft of the card (depreciation of initial value: 25% per six months)€200€200
​Coverage for the cost of unauthorized phone calls made after the theft (*)Covers the cost of phone calls made within 12 hours from the moment of the theft of the phone.€200€200
Purchase protectionFor items purchased with your card, protection is provided in the case of theft or damage within 60 days of the date of purchase (deductible: €40 per claim)€500​​€1,000

 (*) To cover the replacement cost of a mobile phone and any unauthorized phone calls, the phone number should be registered in the name of the insuree.


The coverage applies worldwide, 24 hours a day, excluding the Purchase Protection, which applies only for items purchased in Greece.


Option to participate in other Bancassurance Products

  • Hospital Care health insurance programme for adults and children at favourable rates:
    • Children: €141 annually.
    • Adults: €157 annually.
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​Vehicle Insurance Plan: Private Car and Private-use farm truck insurance plans are available with a 10% discount on comprehensive premiums, for specific types of cover.


Offering the plan to a family member

You can offer the plan to a family member (such as spouse, adult) so that they no longer have to worry about possible loss/theft of their cards as well as valuable personal items and documents. 


The information contained herein may not be fully up-to-date and accordingly you should consult the relevant information leaflet (under Law 4364/2016), which is available at all NBG branches. The insurance coverage is provided with the mediation of National Bank of Greece SA, 86 Eolou,102 32 Athens, Company Reg. No.: 311481, Athens.  For more information click here.


To find out more about the plan, simply visit any of our NBG Branches.

Basic documentation required:

  • Valid Identity Card or Passport

Find out about the ID verification documents required under the current regulatory framework at Have you introduced yourself? If not ...do it now.


The product is available subject to current provisions regarding capital controls.

Special features of the plan you’ve selected

  • Security and protection in the event of minor offences that could occur.
  • Less hassle in the event of loss or theft of personal items.
  • Cutting-edge benefits and services, competitive insurance premiums and a simple compensation procedure.
  • The coverage applies worldwide, 24 hours a day (excluding the Purchase Protection).
  • Purchase protection (within Greece) in the event of theft or damage.
  • Participation in other bancassurance programs at favourable rates.
  • Collect go4more points when you purchase this bancassurance product.
  • If you have unredeemed go4more points you can use them towards the purchase of the plan, thus reducing its cost.



  • If I cancel the plan, am I entitled to a refund?
    If you have not made use of the protection plan, the respective amount of the premium is refunded to you. If you have made use of the plan, the premium cannot be refunded and the insurance shall remain valid until the next date of its annual renewal.
  • What should I do in the event of theft or loss?
    You should report the incident to Financial Insurance Co. Ltd. (which acts on behalf of Ethniki Insurance) by calling +30 210-3380850, Monday to Friday 09:00-17.00. In addition, you should:
    -  Report the loss of the card (or cards) to the Bank, by calling 181818 from a landline or mobile phone, or +30 210-4806400 if you’re calling from outside Greece, or send a fax to +30 210-4806400.
    -  Block the SIM card immediately when you realize an incident has occurred.
    -  A report must be submitted to the police within 48 hours of the incident.
    A written statement of the claim should be submitted to 5, Koumpari str, 106 74 Athens, together with the required documentation.