ESTIA ΜΙΚΤΟ is an innovative housing loan product, which offers you two unique advantages:

  • fixed maximum instalment amount from the 2nd to the 6th year of the loan term on the basis of an instalment limit that protects you against future rate increases
  • option to postpone one instalment per year, as of the 2nd year of the loan term


The loan is available at a floating rate, based on the 3Μ Euribor, subject to a minimum equal to the ECB’s intervention rate, plus fixed margin rate throughout the entire loan term.   


The loan amount, subject to a minimum of €10,000, may finance, up to the total cost of your investment  (depending on the purchase contract) or project.  The overall loan repayment term ranges from 10 to 40 years.


ESTIA MIKTO is intended for:

  • purchase, construction, completion, extension or repair of premises
  • purchase of land. 


The basic features of ESTIA ΜΙΚΤΟ, at a glance:


  Term Interest rates
Loan amount Total term Fixed rate period Floating rate  Fixed rate period Floating rate 
From €10,000 up to the full cost of the investment cost or project. from 10 to 40 years - from 10 to 40 years - Floating rate linked to the 3M Euribor + fixed margin throughout the entire term + fee provided in Law 128/75 (currently 0.12%)


Furthermore, along with your ESTIA MIKTO loan (or any one of NBG’s Housing  loans) you are entitled to privileged rates, if you are an account holder of NBG’s Salary Plus


In cooperation with Ethniki Insurance, NBG offers you programs with fast and easy procedures at remarkably low premiums:

  • property insurance
  • borrower/Guarantor Life Insurance, and

For more information on the terms and conditions of the relevant programs, click on Details.

Loan disbursement

The loan amount   may be disbursed in a lump sum or in case of construction, through partial disbursements, following the progress of your project.



By monthly amortization instalments, starting one month after the loan’s disbursement and payable only via the borrower’s designated loan-linked deposit account with NBG.


Early repayment, in part or in full

Early or partial repayment is allowed at any time, at no additional charges



The loan is granted subject to a mortgage prenotation on a property asset of sufficient security value, in accordance with NBG’s current lending policy. The relevant expenses (Rates and Charges) are borne exclusively by the borrower. 


Property insurance

Insurance coverage is required to ensure best protection of your financed property against basic risks, such as fire and earthquake, pipe fracture/cracking, burglary etc.  

Ethniki Insurance undertakes to insure your property at very low cost, through fast and easy procedures, offering the following insurance packages:

  • minimum insurance coverage
  • minimum and additional insurance coverage
  • contents insurance coverage


Borrower/Guarantor Life insurance:

To ensure the complete protection of your property, Ethniki Insurance also undertakes to pay up the remaining loan balance, in the event of the borrower’s and/or guarantor’s death due to illness or accident during the loan repayment period. This insurance coverage is optional, and offered at a remarkably low cost.


Rates and charges

To find out about the rates and charges associated with the housing loan, click here.

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Instalment payment     

Your housing loan instalments are automatically paid through an NBG Deposit Account, which is linked to the loan.



The Bank sends you, on a regular basis, notification regarding your housing loan, remaining principal, remaining instalments, interest rate on outstanding amounts etc.).                             


​​Change of personal details

Please inform us about any changes to your personal details (address, contact details etc.) by visiting one of our Branches.

Learn about the documents you need to submit, for updating your personal details by: